Are Boise Gun Stores Closed Under New Order by McLean?

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has issued yet another government mandate.

After this new mandate was released, a number of people texted me saying the order closed down non-essential businesses.

Additionally, they told me that gun stores were not “essential” businesses and would have to close.

So, I thought I would try to find out for gun owners in Boise what exactly the circumstances are.

In short, it is not true that Boise gun stores have to close.

However, there are some requirements that Mayor McLean is forcing on businesses who wish to remain open. If a business doesn’t comply, the owners will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Here are some of the guidelines that McLean’s government mandate requires:

  1. Constantly clean areas that are frequently touched by customers.
  2. Not have more than 10 people in a group. 
  3. If people in a group are not family members, then individuals must stay six feet apart. 

Of course, businesses such as medical providers and grocery stores are exempt from the order as they are considered “essential” services.

By default, McLean’s order would mean that gun stores, where people can buy firearms for self-defense are non-essential.

Nevermind that in uncertain times, crime tends to increase.

Sadly, in desperation, many people attack others for their belongings. This has caused many Americans to purchase firearms for protection.

With the government busy enforcing these types of orders, what is a citizen to do for protection?

For now, Boise gun stores can remain open if they follow McLean’s demands.

If not, they will be forced to close, charged with a crime, and citizens will be left without a means to purchase firearms from a dealer in the city.

8 thoughts on “Are Boise Gun Stores Closed Under New Order by McLean?

  1. Glenn Smith Reply

    Sounds like your mayor is pushing the definition of essential. At what point
    does it become “Preemption” ?

  2. Mark Dewey Reply

    Mom’s Demand Action has got to be the dumbest group of individuals I’ve ever encountered ….. For real !

  3. Tsl Reply

    Gun stores need to be considered essential and are essential. I have seen an increase of people wanting something for personal protection and peace of mind in these times. Plus most gun stores sell other items such as survival food and essentials that people want when looking at food shortages and empty shelves.

  4. Tea Party Bob Reply

    Unfortunately we have allowed the liberals to take over Boise Government and this is what you get when they are in charge. Head for the mountains people the Treasure Valley is in transition.

    • Steve Reply

      I was in my local gun shop today everyone was abiding by the “rules”, one thing you get from your local gun shop is the camaraderie and the bonus of supporting small business it’s shameful that any government official would use a crisis to steal our rights but hey we could be in New Orleans. Everybody make sure you support your state firearms group, and the Second Amendment Foundation id you can afford ammo you can afford to send 20 bucks to your local group.

  5. Chuck Bailey's Papa Reply

    Boise reaps what it has sown… they will not stop there… Thank you Greg for all your hard work

  6. Nancy Lane Reply

    Instead of fleeing, please fight back and fight hard to turn Boise RED again. It starts at the local level.

  7. Heidi Smith Reply

    Closing gun stores is a violation of Idaho statute. See Idaho Statute 46-1008, paragraph 7:
    (7) During the continuance of any state of disaster emergency, neither the governor nor any agency of any governmental entity or political subdivision of the state shall impose restrictions on the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transport, storage, display or use of firearms or ammunition.

    The entire statute is here:

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