Out the Progressives! – Sign the Petition to Require Party Affiliation in City Elections

Sign your petition to the Idaho legislature to support a bill that would require party affiliation disclosure in city elections!

Whereas: Voting is an important part of our Republic and;

Whereas: Voters must be informed about the individuals wishing to represent them and;

Whereas: Party disclosure in city election would help inform voters about a candidates’ potential governing style and;

Whereas: Most elections in Idaho and nationwide require party affiliation disclosure and;

Therefore: I ask you, as my legislator, to support a bill that would require party disclosure in city elections.

Note: By signing below, you add your name to the list of Idahoans who want party disclosure in city elections. When a bill is presented to the legislature a list of names (not emails) will be submitted as petitioners wishing to make the bill law.

For more information on this issue, be sure to read the article here: https://gregpruett.com/idahos-city-elections-should-have-party-disclosure-on-ballots/

41 thoughts on “Out the Progressives! – Sign the Petition to Require Party Affiliation in City Elections

  1. Gloria Urwin Reply

    I agree. Any candidate running for an appointed position should be required to disclose their party affiliation & be held to the highest standard of Law if they mislead or Distort Public trust for self interest.. The only reason to hide a party affiliation is to deceive. Idaho constituents deserve truth of party affiliation in order to make well thought out decisions in filling very critical positions that impact our City. “Finding out after the fact” is unacceptable.

  2. james hartley Reply

    The Left has figured out that they can lie about their affiliation with Communism by running for city or local office… hence the plan to plant their Communist Friends into office by fooling the public about their true beliefs.. Party affiliation would at least warn freedom loving Idaho Citizens about the potential for a communist running in a local race.

  3. Christy kurts Reply

    I am tired of paying some politician to take over my life, it is time we took control of their erratic behavior and make them listen to us. We need term limits to ensure they dont get comfortable. We need a salary cap and end their lifetime benefits. I am sick of them taking away our rights and trying to control us. Right now they have us looking like China wearing masks everywhere we go, no doubt they want us to BE like China!

    • Ryan Reply

      We need to follow our constitution and live life of freedom not fear

    • Noel Bravo Reply

      If one is trying to hide their affiliation of party and beliefs, they are starting out on deception from the beginning. Where do you think they will take it from there ?

  4. Kelly Ford Reply

    Drain the swamp in our state, I will stand strong with my fellow Patriots!

    • Eugene mares Reply

      We need to preserve the Idaho way of life or we will live in a sanctuary state with high crime and no rights left to defend and protect you and your families. We need to vote in Idahoans, conservative constitutionalists. In 2020 elections and beyond we need to vote out liberal left wing radicals.

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  6. Misty Pierce Reply

    How do we keep one/some from hiding behind a party? Got a few RINOs in Elmore County!

  7. Kevin Bayhouse Reply

    I have seen comments on local social media (Nextdoor, Boise Bench Dwellers et al) that suggest that Dems run as GOP candidates to put more RINOs in the leg.

    • Rose Adams Reply

      I’m a firm believer that judges too should state their party. It’s a lifetime appt, we need to know whose running our courts.

  8. MYRON McCrady Reply

    Party affiliations help to know what the candidates support, and narrows the odds of electing leftists to any office, IMHO.

  9. Gary Dale Reply

    Since at least half the “republicans” are fake, and all of the democrats are dangerous, this will give the voters at least a fighting chance of getting the right choice at the polls ….

  10. Vee Reply

    In order to vote for someone, you need to know what they support and will fight for. Their party affiliation is a big flag for that, although I usually look into their voting record. Freedom Works has a section for that.

  11. Rebecca Crea Reply

    Important to me that I know how someone is politically.

  12. Kelly Reply

    Thanks for doing this it has needed to be done a long time ago

  13. Mark Reply

    Do your homework ask questions of them if they argue with you there hiding they are democrats

  14. Shellie Reply

    I do not think taking to polls away from Idahoians was very smart. The law has been broken in this state. I myself would like to sue whomever decided to not let us vote.
    Ballot harvest g to steal votes from trueAmericans is very wrong.
    I want a good lawyer to sue you all for taking my constutional right to vote away.

  15. Dean Kinne Reply

    Idaho is one of the last places in the country that has not taken over by the corrupt Democrats with their voter fraud and other sick tricks. We need To be careful to preserve
    This last safe place.

  16. Angela Teeter Reply

    It’s hard believe they wouldn’t disclose this information. We need to know.

  17. Charles Turner Reply

    I’m one of those “unaffiliated” voters because I’m not particularly enamored with either of the 2 major parties. One thing its for sure is that I doubt I will NEVER vote for a Democrat after what has taken place over the last 4+ years!!!

  18. Charles Turner Reply

    That last post didn’t come out too well (it’s pretty early in the morning). What I was trying to say is that I doubt I will ever vote for a Democrat again!!! That political party has shown how evil politics have gotten!!

  19. K PM Reply

    I am a conservative Republican and a Christian. I need to know who I am voting for. I am responsible to the Lord. So this is important to know about each person running. We live in America and things that are happening look a lot like Communism. Tracing now? Entering homes!!! Forced testing…..tell on your neighbor? Not in America.

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  21. Roger Sellman Reply

    Party affiliation information is important, but you still have to be diligent and do your homework. Vote for constitutional conservatives. Not RINOS.

  22. Drew Reply

    If your hiding who your party is then how or why should we trust anything you have to say. Full disclosure. Dems are really good at hiding who they are or what they are. No politician is Perfect but some are straight up Demonic. Lets We The People take back OUR America.

  23. Sean Reply

    We need complete transparency on party affiliations in all elections especially city and county elections. This is where either politicians start their careers or failed politicians go to try to swindle the public after a failed run in bigger races because of their extremist or unconstitutional views!

  24. Chuck Reply

    That’s why we have the liberal wolves in sheep’s clothing here. Take a guess at what party affiliation our new Boise Police Chief likely is.

    • G Reply

      I’ve read Unaffiliated unless you have info that states otherwise.

      I have also read conflicting stories of him being a bad cop whistleblower, a Patriot Prayer supporter, and an Antifa sympathizer. Too many differing stories out there right now, purposeful misinformation?

  25. GW Reply

    If this doesn’t work out 2 can play this game
    we run republicans (posing as democrats) in their
    primary and since we outnumber them 5 to 1
    we get enough ppl to show up and vote out the democrat
    in the primary so the election is between only

  26. Creed Reply

    In a sea of Lies and broken promises,commitment to party Is a must moving forward to save the USA.

  27. G Reply

    It’d be a good idea to know how long someone has been affiliated with their party as well, enough of these folks playing party lines when it’s convenient or in their favor then switching back when it’s all said and done for a few years.

  28. Gloria Reply

    Not only should a candidate be required to full disclosure of party affiliation, but any who are found to have lied after elected should step down immediately & face charges for Election Fraud.

  29. Chelann Lyda Reply

    Can’t weed out the swamp if we dont know who or where the swamp monsters are.
    We need to clean our state up, and keep it as it should be kept. Free, proud, and honest. #IdaholifeisRED

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