Being Pro-Gun & Pro-2nd Amendment is NOT the Same Thing!

It’s campaign season in Idaho.

That means you are going to hear every candidate talk about how much they love the 2nd Amendment.

Most of them will have a staged photo-op or old hunting photo to “prove” their credentials to you.

However, it’s important to remember that being pro-gun is not the same thing as being pro-2nd Amendment!

You see, every candidate is going to tell you that they spent their whole life hunting.

They will tell you that they go target shooting all of the time. Additionally, they’ll have their family and friends scouring social media to tell potential voters how they shot with “Joe” growing up so they know he’s “pro-2nd Amendment.”

Perhaps these candidates will even tell you they own an “arsenal” of firearms.

Sadly, none of this matters when it comes to understanding the 2nd Amendment.

A candidate could own 100 guns, target practice every day, hunt every year, and not support or understand the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting, target shooting, or collecting.

Real gun owners understand the reason for the 2nd Amendment was a defense against tyranny. Of course, hunting, target shooting, sport shooting, are also covered but are not the main reason for the 2nd Amendment.

Unfortunately, during the campaign season that seems to be the focus of many candidates.

Quite a few of them ignore the last four words of the amendment, “shall not be infringed.”

To these candidates, the 2nd Amendment is a suggestion and they believe the power to regulate it belongs to elected officials in Boise.

“I support the 2nd Amendment but” or “I don’t like most Red Flag laws but” or “I don’t want to take a stand until I read the gun control bill.”

There is a laundry list of excuses with these candidates, which also includes some current legislators.

Don’t these candidates understand that even Joe Biden and Moms Demand Action gun grabbers say they support the 2nd Amendment?

Why should we care about their promises if the best they can do is a Joe Biden campaign slogan about gun rights?

The problem is that voters don’t know that these candidates are so weak on the 2nd Amendment.

Too many voters simply hear a candidate say they support the 2nd Amendment and take it as fact. They rarely dig into specific issues on the topic.

Thankfully, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has a simple survey to help weed out the weaklings on the issue.

The funny thing is, the survey isn’t that hard to answer if you understand the 2nd Amendment.

But, for the weak-kneed candidates, the survey is likely to give them pause.

The ISAA survey helps voters determine more specifically where candidates stand on important 2nd Amendment issues.

When they tell you they are pro-2nd Amendment, don’t let them get away with these lame excuses. Press them hard on tough questions.

There are other things you can do as well.

First, you can check the ISAA site and see if they answered our survey and how they did.

For instance, Wendy Webb is a Republican running for State Senate in District 21. She answered our survey with every question as anti-2nd Amendment.

She supports Red Flag laws, wants Universal Background Checks, doesn’t support a stronger Stand-Your-Ground and so much more.

Yet, on her Facebook page, she is claiming she supports the 2nd Amendment!

Now, how many people is she going to tell about her stances on specific issues? Probably none.

How many voters is she going to fool into believing she is pro-2nd Amendment? Probably many of them.

I actually admire that she filled out the survey honestly.

Many of the candidates who hold similar beliefs to her won’t fill out the survey or they’ll lie.

Don’t think for one second that Wendy Webb is the only anti-2nd Amendment Republican out there.

Second, you should not make any assumptions about a candidate’s 2nd Amendment stances based on their party affiliation.

In particular, don’t assume that every Republican is pro-2nd Amendment and don’t assume that every Democrat candidate is anti-2nd Amendment.

We have had a number of Democrat candidates throughout the last eight years who have supported the 2nd Amendment as it was intended.

Finally, I hope you will follow the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and our efforts to expose the frauds on the campaign trail. And there are a lot of frauds out there.

If you are a gun owner who believes in the 2nd Amendment and the words “shall not be infringed,” then be sure to join up with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today.

Simply go to JOINISAA.COM and join today!

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1 thought on “Being Pro-Gun & Pro-2nd Amendment is NOT the Same Thing!

  1. Brett Hill Reply

    Greg Pruett, shame on you! Haven’t you learned anything from the oppressing mobs of liberals? You are becoming just like the liberal kooks running the media and democratic party. You have an agenda and don’t care about finding the real truth. If freedom is what you really represent, seek the truth about Wendy Webb.

    Wendy Webb grew up in Nampa Idaho. Her mother grew up in Declo Idaho. Her Father grew up in Driggs Idaho. Her husband grew up in Marsing Idaho, and also served 20 years in the US Air Force. You don’t get much more Idahoan than Wendy!

    She is a 2nd amendment supporter and would fight for the rights the 2nd amendments guarantees us. She does believe the 2nd amendment was provided as a way for us to protect our liberties.

    How do I know where Wendy really stands on this issue? I am her brother and I actually talk to her about the issues. Oh by the way, I am a huge 2nd amendment supporter. I conceal carry everyday and so do most of my friends. I don’t want our 2nd amendment rights diluted or taken away. I trust my sister with my rights.

    Wendy is new to answering these types of decisive survey’s. She was a bit skeptical about this survey and was not sure who she was answering this survey for. She is not one to blindly agree to anything and feels that Idaho has done a great job upholding the 2nd amendment. She does feel that there are many bad actors trying to take away these rights and that we need to stand up strong to protect these rights. However, she will not align with any extremist groups, which is what you are proving to be. Yes, step back and take a look at yourself. Special interest groups should help educate on policy not alienate.

    There are many reasons good conservative people don’t run for office. Your aggressive approach doesn’t help. You should be reaching out to Wendy instead of assuming you have her all figured out. Instead you alienate her and others who should be your allies against this great evil. You don’ take the time to help educate and provide factual truths. Instead you are acting just like the vultures on CNN, MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi, and spooky dude. Get real!

    You are doing exactly what the kooks want, you are dividing what’s left of those who support the 2nd amendment. Either together we will stand, or divided we will fall. Who is dividing? In this case, Greg Pruett and his posey.

    The truth shall set us free! One of Wendy’s greatest values is she is a seeker of truth. Give her the truth and she will fight for it. Wendy has learned a pretty valuable lesson from your responses. She has also learned a lot more about gun rights issues. I believe she would stand strong with her fellow conservatives on upholding our 2nd amendment rights.

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