Biden Officially Moves Into Dictator Territory


I recently wrote an article about the dangers of forced vaccination and said it would lead to tyranny in the United States.

Using the word “tyranny” is something I don’t often do or take lightly. But I have seen what the results of tyranny are after my time in Iraq, and I have studied enough of how tyrants operate to recognize when it is happening.

What we witnessed with Joe Biden, America’s fuehrer, and his “6 Point Plan” for Covid-19 was nothing short of a tyrannical tirade against people who have chosen not to put a chemical in their bodies.

I previously spoke about Americans who are shaming people for their choice to receive the Covid-19 shots or not. I pleaded with people to stop doing it because it divides our country and puts us on a very dangerous road.

Now, the President of the United States goes on the national stage and blasts “the unvaccinated” in one of the most horrible displays of arrogance and condescension I have ever seen from a President.

The shaming coming from the “leader” of the free world was truly disgusting. What Biden said during that address should concern everyone.

In one of the most unnerving statements during the address, Biden dismissed individual liberty and your right to choose what to put in your bodies when he told Americans,

“It’s not about your freedom or personal choice.”

Yes, Joe, it literally is about individual freedom and liberty. That’s why we fought the Revolutionary War.

With Biden visibly frustrated that the government’s non-stop propaganda machine for the Covid-19 shots wasn’t doing enough, he has now dictated that private companies with more than 100 employees will be forced to vaccinate or do weekly testing, or they will face fines from OSHA.

Will the leftists who opposed the government prohibiting “vaccine passports” because of “government interference in private business” also slam Joe’s interference here with private companies? Of course not. This has never been about liberty or freedom but control over the population.

I have watched over the last year and a half as freedoms are curtailed and liberty is destroyed while the media became the government’s propaganda arm, not the watchdog over it as it should be.

With the government unhappy that not every American is just getting jabbed as ordered, they are now ramping up their efforts even more and telling private companies what do to and forcing anyone who deals with the federal government to get jabbed or get lost.

Biden didn’t just go after “the unvaccinated” like people who have leprosy or people who should be segregated and shamed relentlessly. He also said that he would get any governor out of the way who didn’t fight Covid-19 like he wanted them to.

If you have to use these types of threats and use this power to force people to put chemicals in their bodies that they don’t want to, you have failed as a government official!

What is coming next? What happens when Americans and American companies refuse to bend to Biden’s dictates? Will he then force vaccination through the barrel of a gun?

This is the road I feared our country was headed down, which leads to nowhere good.

Americans on social media are already talking about protests, mass non-compliance, and more. I would encourage companies to not comply with Biden’s dictates, and I would encourage state governments to stand up for their citizens and protect the individual choice for people to determine if they want to get vaccinated or not.

The massive backlash we are seeing in France and Australia needs to happen in the United States, or we will see these types of tyrannical moves from Biden become worse and worse.

Coercion, shaming, and government force is not leadership; it’s tyranny.

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3 thoughts on “Biden Officially Moves Into Dictator Territory

  1. Thomas Reply

    NO ONE! can force a person to inject a serum/chemicals into their body……..This is only done in a hospital situation where a patient MUST! receive drugs for life saving treatment or to undergo a surgical procedure, and even then, the patient or next of kin has to sign a form giving permission.

  2. Pat Riot Reply

    Just a little food for thought:
    I got vaccines before they were mandated because I value the lives of those around me who deal with cancer, or are immunocompromised. I fear going into a suicidal depression if I knew I was the selfish idiot who did whatever I wanted, passed the virus onto someone I love, and then saw them die. So I do the responsible things I can do like wearing a mask, and getting a vaccine, that allow me to both carry on my life the same as it was before 2020, and also not be a modern Typhoid Mary.

    The media is not the government’s propaganda arm. That’s why there are different media outlets and not only one source of news. The media is a section of society, not a government entity. You, Alex Jones, etc. you are part of the media… and you’re clearly not ‘part’ of the government, though I wouldn’t discredit you so far as to say you aren’t spreading your own propaganda.

    Lastly, though you simplify it by saying a few words equals tyranny and implying that the government meets those words, thereby qualifying it self under tyranny; this is not tyranny. Are seatbelt laws tyranny? Is it tyranny for public schools to require vaccines for students, and to have been doing so at least as long as I can remember? Is it tyranny when your government is a (at bare minimum) two party system with three separate branches of government? Sorry, but those are rhetorical. No we are not living in tyranny. Again, the most different my life is from before 2020 is I wear a mask a lot in public, and I work from home. Neither is making me feel a lack of freedom, and actually one makes me feel like I have more freedom if anything, though I count myself fortunate to work from home.
    If you were in the military in Iraq; I respect and honor you. Someone else I respect and honor, are people who do their part to keep others safe in any capacity. People that pass seatbelt laws, cigarette laws or, now, vaccine mandates, aren’t doing it to “exhort power” and “gain control”; they simply want to ensure people live. I still don’t think you’re experiencing tyranny. It’s definitely good to always be aware and active against the possibility, but I’m afraid this isn’t it. Humans like to claim they are afflicted. I may have thought when I was a kid that it was controlling and tyranny for my parents to make me eat health food instead of letting me sustain myself on only Oreos but they did it for a good reason. Is it irksome or inconvenient to do things like go get a free vaccine, wear a seatbelt, register your car? Sure. Is my life different one way or the other? No.

    I prefer to assume the best of people; assume positive intent. Nine times out ten, it’s true. I believe people advocating for vaccines just want everyone to be safe and healthy; ergo the term public health. I also remember thinking Obama was tyrannical for various minor “offenses”.

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