Constitutional Carry Expansion in Idaho Passes House Committee!

The final piece of Constitutional Carry in Idaho (HB 516) has passed the House State Affairs Committee.

The bill now heads to the full Idaho House after a party-line vote of 11-3.

Of course, the hearing wouldn’t have been complete without the typical “doom and gloom” testimony from Moms Demand Action.

Their lies, deceit, and irrelevant stories had nothing to do with the actual bill. We expected nothing less from gun grabbers.

I would venture that not a single Moms Demand Action person at the capitol could explain what HB 516 actually does.

Understanding the facts about firearms and the legislation surrounding them has never been a strong suit of the gun grabbers.

HB 516 was no exception.

The hearing was also packed with incredible gun owners!

Several dozen came out to a weekday hearing at 8:00 a.m. to support a pro-2nd Amendment bill.

A number of gun owners got up and testified in favor of HB 516. 

The battle to complete Constitutional Carry in Idaho has been going since 2016.

In 2016, the first step of Constitutional Carry passed.

However, several parts of a full Constitutional Carry were left out.

The age limit for Constitutional Carry inside city limits was set at 21-years-old, while the age limit outside city limits was 18-years-old. Additionally, citizens from other states had Constitutional Carry outside city limits, but not inside.

These two absurd restrictions put Idaho in an unfortunate category for Constitutional Carry states. 

After the original passage of Constitutional Carry in 2016, I vowed that the ISAA would not rest until these restrictions were removed.

In 2017 and 2018 we worked with former Rep. Karey Hanks to fix the issues.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Rep. Christy Zito was successful in lowering the age limit inside city limits to 18-years-old.

That left just one piece of the puzzle unfinished. We only needed to ensure that all citizens could carry concealed without a permit in Idaho.

They could already do so outside of city limits which is about 99.8% of the state.

HB 516 make the law uniform throughout the state. 

It will clear up confusion for law enforcement.

We have spoken with several law enforcement officers who don’t even understand the current law.

Now, we have a chance to clear up this confusion.

The bill is now in the hands of the Idaho House for consideration.

However, it still has to pass the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee and the full Idaho Senate.

Finally, it has to be signed by Governor Little.

It is unclear where Governor Little stands on the issue.

Given his signature on last year’s Constitutional Carry expansion, it shouldn’t be hard for him to sign this as well.

We are still a long way from that happening though.

Contact your two Idaho House members today and tell them to vote “Yes” on HB 516!



6 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry Expansion in Idaho Passes House Committee!

  1. Phil Hansen Reply

    Thank you for your efforts. We are praying this passes. Keep up the good fight!!

  2. Dan w McCowan Reply

    Thank you to everyone who was fighting for all of us to maintain and uphold the Constitution of the United States the right to keep and bear arms God-bless

  3. Belinda C. Blacketer Reply

    My two Reps will almost certainly vote yes.
    My Senator, on the other hand, will almost certainly vote no. You can take the Democrat out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the Democrat.

    • Robert Shackelford Reply

      You also can’t take the California out of the Republican…nor can you take the Progressive Liberal out of NRA members whether they be Republicans or Democrats – all of whom brought about California’s ban on LOC in 1967 under the Mulford Act that targeted African Americans – and support cases before the courts that argue Open Carry may be banned in favor of Concealed Carry.



  4. Robert Shackelford Reply

    Serious Questions:

    1. How is this bill pro-2nd Amendment? Open Carry is the right, Concealed Carry is regulated by the States and prohibitions thereon may be upheld. ( DC v. Heller 2008 ).

    2. Does everyone understand that if we take the label seriously which originated in 2010 “Constitutional Carry” and examine it under DC v. Heller:

    Permitless OC + NO CCW = Constitutional
    Permitless OC + May Issue CCW = Constitutional
    Permitless OC + Shall Issue CCW = Constitutional
    Permitless OC + Permitless CCW = Constitutional

    In other words, is anyone here even aware that both Idaho and Nevada are already “Constitutional Carry”?

    3. Who is watching to make sure that the lobbyists for NRA, SAF and others aren’t negotiating away Open Carry while negotiating for permitless CCW in the legislature? (They negotiated away OC in public parks for CCW in a nearby state just last year….)

    Just asking questions…


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