Constitutional Carry in Idaho Now for ALL Americans!

In 2012 I wanted Idaho to have Constitutional Carry.

It wasn’t until 2016 that we got a large chunk of it here in Idaho due to the efforts of the members of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

The law that passed in 2016 had restrictions on Americans who didn’t live in Idaho and those who were under 21-years-old. That’s not how most states do Constitutional Carry.

However, as of today (7-1-2020), all Americans can carry their firearms concealed in Idaho and no permit is required from the government!

Earlier this year, Rep. Christy Zito sponsored HB 516 which expanded Constitutional Carry to the inside of city limits. 

Idaho’s previous version of Constitutional Carry said that non-Idahoans could carry their firearms concealed without a permit outside of city limits. They could also carry inside of city limits as long as they remained in their vehicle. This meant that if a non-Idahoan crossed into city limits and exited their vehicle at a store, they were now in violation of the law.

This was an arbitrary and ludicrous restriction that needed to be repealed.

Last year, Rep. Zito led the effort to lower the age-limit inside city limits for Constitutional Carry to 18-years-old.

Again, outside of city limits these 18-year-olds could already carry concealed without a permit. They could also carry openly without a permit anywhere in the state.

We spent four years removing both of these restrictions.

It took nearly eight years from the time we started the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance to get Idaho to a full Constitutional Carry state.

The frustrating part to me was that states like Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire let all Americans carry in their states without a permit but Idaho didn’t.

In fact, there are now only two Constitutional Carry states left that restrict residents of other states from carrying without a permit: Wyoming and North Dakota.

All other Constitutional Carry states allow all Americans to carry without a permit, just as the 2nd Amendment intended.

I want to thank the gun owners in Idaho who made this possible. I also want to thank Rep. Zito who stood by Idaho’s gun owners despite attacks from her own party and the gun grabbers.

Additional thanks for the legislators who co-sponsored the bills over the years and voted for them.

Despite what is happening in so many other states across the country, Idaho continues to move forward on restoring the 2nd Amendment!

If you are in a state without Constitutional Carry, keep up the fight. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Mobilize the gun owners in your state and keep the pressure on!

There is no reason for a “red” state to not have Constitutional Carry. The Republicans all claim to support the 2nd Amendment when they campaign right?

Well, it’s time to hold them to it!

Stay in the fight and remember that the power belongs to you to make the changes necessary!

27 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry in Idaho Now for ALL Americans!

  1. Stan Grenfell Reply

    Thanks, Greg and Rep. Zito!
    I’ve see how difficult this has been.
    Great job!

  2. Scott Beus Reply

    Thanks for the information, the media sure wasnt going to say anything.

  3. Kelly Smith Reply

    I would like to do the same here in Washington state. Could you please share with me how you wrote the bill and got it pasted so I can start here? Also sorry Congratulations well done

  4. Steve Reply

    Ok so of legal age anybody that wants to carry a gun in Idaho can? No background checks?

    • Chad Millard Reply

      There is an error in your story. Kansas still restricts constitutional carry to residents only.

      • Michael Gunter Reply

        I wish Alabama and Florida would do this. Alabama is making a lot of money selling permits to conceal carry

  5. Woody Anderton Reply

    What about me? I was falsely accused of a felony that was dropped in court. The law says I lost my right to conseal carry because a bad cop tried to stick a false charge on me, i proved my innocence in court. The law needs to change from “charged with a felony” to “convicted of a felony”!

  6. Helen Dorothy Chapman Reply

    Woody if you have records to prove you were falsely accused and exonerated that should be enough to clear you. In my opinion.

    • Don E Collins Reply

      AWESOME, thank you for your continued support of the 2nd amendment and the rights of firearms owners.

  7. K Reply

    Is there a link for the new change officially? I have been looking on all the ID gov sites and this is not posted or updated yet that i can find.

  8. K Reply

    Ok i actually found the actual house bill that takes effect today but i still read it as you will still need a permit to conceal carry i am not good at interpreting these things very well but can someone clarify?

  9. Billy Reply

    I’ve always carried concealed everywhere. From Mississippi to Florida to Idaho. I’ve never had a permit. I am glad to see states actually getting themselves more in line with the Constitution. In my opinion, any lawmaker, or politician who submits a bill that restricts the carrying, owning, and purchasing of a firearm should immediately be disqualified, replaced, and depending on certain factors tried criminally.

  10. Del Price Reply

    Now with the Covid virus running it’s course we have all had a chance to see who the real bad politicians on the left are and some even on the right forcing illegal orders down our throats. So this November get the real Americans in office with your vote. And let’s turn all 50 states red!! And all have our our constitutional carry rights in place for ever!!! Thanks!

  11. Robert Kelly Reply

    It’s not about ‘restoring’ the 2nd Amendment …it’s about getting everyone to understand that ALL those in government (de-facto-corporations) took an ‘Oath of Office’ to uphold, protect and defend their contract/constitution and the Bill of Rights (in this case the 2nd Amendment) …and the people having ‘all power’ (and right) (see Oregon Constitution – Article 1 …and all other State’s Article 1’s), and the people in there sovereign status (just as Trump stated in his speech at the U.N.!), the people have all right, power and authority to carry ‘arms’, and bear then when necessary. …to protect life, property, neighbor, community and country etc.! It was the people that created government via the Constitution (their contract) and we the people hired/elected the ‘public servants’ and placed them below the people …not above the people …not to rule over them but to adhere to their oath of office in upholding, protecting and defending the peoples ‘God given Rights’ as expressed in the Bill of Rights. By what authority does the servant change the contract, alters the rules of the house or ‘passes statutes’ to limit and restrict the Rights of their ’employer’? It’s a fraud and a crime. That men 18 to 45, in good health & well armed …IS THE MILITIA! All the gun-owners in America constitute the largest ‘armed’ force in the world! Government/politicians …Get over it! Accept it! And now with the Antifa Terrorist Organization (Marxists) situation now in America, it is the ‘open armed gun totting’, ‘concealed carrying’ men and women’s RIGHT to protect when and where necessary. The police are not empowered to protect the people …just corporate property! Revisit the news recently in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho …prime example of the Right! The people have no contract with the ‘police!’ All of so-called government does have a contract with the people! It’s their constitution and their ‘oath of office’!

  12. W. Williams Reply

    Hooray for you guys and gals!!!!
    I’m pleased to hear Idaho has “for the people” leaders. I live across the border in Washington and have had concern about leaving my weapon which the reason I carry is to protect myself and my family and my 2nd amendment rights afforded me by no-nonsense government leaders whom formed this Republic.
    Kudos to everyone whom wrote, emailed, spoke with their leaders to pass this series of bills.
    Hopeful in Washington!!

  13. qovcbpfw Reply

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