Dear Idaho Republicans: It’s Time to Adapt!

With Idaho’s rapid growth, the Republicans in our state need to make a lot of tough decisions.

We need to make those decisions very quickly.

I have spoken at length about the need for the Idaho Republican Party to drastically change its path and strategy.

The days of “slow and steady” policy changes are gone. We can’t base our strategy on “don’t pass a bill that makes people upset.”

We must take advantage of the legislative supermajority we have or we’ll regret it when it’s gone.

Virginia is the perfect example.

Republicans slowly lost power in that state. Then, when the Democrats took over, they went after guns, taxes, social issues, and more.

And the Virginia Democrats are doing that in the first year!

When Democrats have power, they waste little time in implementing their progressive agenda. We must learn from this.

In the 2020 Idaho legislative session, we are seeing a number of bills that address progressive issues that have permeated other states.

For instance, one bill that Rep. Barbara Ehardt is introducing is would prevent high school males from participating in female sports.

This issue is in its infancy across the United States.

A number of males are claiming to be females and competing in female sports.

It’s a growing problem. So much so that some female athletes in Connecticut are suing to prevent males from participating in their sports.

The men are breaking records and winning championships in female sports, stealing the opportunity for women to win what they should rightfully be able to win.

So, the reaction to Rep. Ehardt’s bill to get ahead of this issue in Idaho, before it becomes a problem here, has been one of mockery and ridicule from Democrats and even some Republicans.

The common line you see in the social media comments about Rep. Ehardt’s bill says something to the effect of, “Is this really necessary in Idaho?”

To my knowledge, Idaho doesn’t have any high school males competing in female sports.

So is it a problem in Idaho right now. Not that I’m aware of.

However, this is the lesson we need to learn. If you don’t stop the progressives BEFORE they gain a foothold, we’ll end up losing in the end.

Now is the time for Idaho’s Republicans to take advantage of our supermajority, and put an end to the progressive madness creeping into our state.

The radical left is constantly adopting new strategies and tactics in the political battlefield.

For some reason though, too many Republicans want to keep the old methods of “doing things.”

I get it. It’s comfortable and less stressful hoping that Idaho will always be the same.

It’s much easier to think that Idaho will not go the way of Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, or Virginia.

But folks, things have already begun to change.

We are seeing progressive groups like Reclaim Idaho and others push major progressive agendas in Idaho, and they are doing it successfully. 

So, we can keep going with how things are and pray that Idaho always remains “red.”

But I believe the better option is to adjust our strategies and tactics to take the fight to the enemy.

Make it so progressives don’t even want to live here!

They are pushing hard in our state to change it to another California, so why would you not want to fight back twice as hard?

Why give them the upper hand in this fight? Do Republicans not understand that the progressive machine has a massive amount of money, volunteers (paid or otherwise), and a desire to destroy the constitution.

They aren’t coming to Idaho to leave it as is. They want to make it just like California.

That’s why we have to pass legislation right now that crushes the progressive agenda.

Don’t let the liberals on social media and leftist media reporters deter you from the fight. They will do everything they can to shame you into submission.

They are going to call you a number of horrible names to demoralize your desire to being engaged in the political process.

You can’t let them get to you!

Stand up Idaho Republicans and demand that your legislators and party leaders fight as they have never fought before.




20 thoughts on “Dear Idaho Republicans: It’s Time to Adapt!

  1. Pam Mikolyski Reply

    I support what your stating here.. let’s kill the cancer before it starts. IDAHO RED.

  2. Brian Dougal in caldwell Reply

    Enact propertarianism in the state. No law can be made which infringes on the property of another. This includes physical property, intellectual property, and the commons. Anyone who tries can be taken to court where there are clear tests to check for violation.
    Leftists will not be able to do ro is what they did to VA

  3. Glenn Smith Reply

    Wow Brian Dougal in Caldwell said it well. As to his list of “properties (physical property, intellectual property, and the commons)” I would add our Natural Rights.

  4. Lori Lynn Reply

    Idaho is already being destroyed from within. It’s time to pass conservative bills and protect our Constitutional Rights. Elect only true conservatives and oust the Rinos! Stop the importing of refugees and illegals, as Idaho is a sanctuary State by doing so. Let’s get a bill passed that makes it illegal here.

    • Mary Owens Reply

      Greg, please tell us exactly what to do! I’m older, I can’t get out much. What can I do mostly from home. We HAVE to fight now or it will be too late.

  5. Bob Reply

    Don’t think it’ll happen here? Just look at Boise/Ada County now compared to not that many years ago. Steadily moving to the liberal/progressive mindset. What do you think “BOISE KIND” is? Mayor Bieter came up with that one and the new mayor is more to the left than he was. I truly fear the “Red Flag” movement and subsequent lack of due process that many states have already got in place, many of which ARE RED STATES!!! Wake up people, the Trojan Horse is at the gate.


    The time is fast approaching by the number of new people moving to Idaho. Not all of them want to adapt to Idaho ways. Some have an agenda to make Idaho just like what they left. We as Idahoans have to take a stand by educating these folks by way of our Representatives in our State government as to the conservative nature of our State. It’s time to strengthen our Republican presence in State government to hold the values we have enjoyed for many years. As we continue to expand our cities and place higher demands on our services and infrastructure we also have to maintain our strong rural values. Our lifestyle’s and our recreation being very much high on this list. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, are just some of the important things we do as Idahoans. We can’t let people who come from Liberal Left Wing states undermine what we have fought for throughout the years. It’s time to do what needs to be done to protect what we have or watch it disappear very quickly!

    • Alfred Brown Reply

      I get it! Get busy handling what is necessary for this State to remain as it is!

  7. Kathy A Reply

    Brian Dougal, I’d proffer propertarianism is a little more complicated than that. A succinct expression of some of the reasons why: Last edited by BoringGuy45; 12-04-19 at 19:54
    >>This seems to be on the extreme opposite of the spectrum from communism; it’s basically just going as far right as one can go. That’s not really a good thing either. Entirely privatized economies tend to fail and become oppressive in much the same way as socialist economies. I’m also especially opposed to this philosophy’s opposition to religion. It’s interesting that they’ve taken up the concept of promoting morality from the standpoint of social constructionism (that is, the idea that good and evil, or even true and false, is not absolute and does not exist beyond society’s general agreement to adhere to such principles). Social constructionism is usually a leftist viewpoint.

  8. Tina Marie Busby Reply

    I agree completely! We have already lost some battles we shouldn’t have and I am fearful the Far Left has already gained too much power. Let’s not wait! ACT NOW!!!!! Keep Idaho GREAT!

  9. Bob Reply

    Start within the central committees by replacing left-of-center RINOs with real Christian Constitutional Conservative Patriots. Socialists have already gained control of Boise and now pushing forward in Meridian, Idaho’s two largest cities.

  10. Shawna Shearer Reply

    Why is a Republican Governor allowing a flood of refugees into Boise & Twin Falls? Governor Little has the President’s support and a chance to stop the flood, and is allowing it to continue. I’d say start from within to squelch liberal policies. Look around the world and see what happens when refugees take over small rural communities and even bigger ones. Twin Falls, Dearborn Michigan? Ilan Omar? Stop this now. At this point I am a Never Littler, as he is a RINO.

  11. Rick Gilmore Reply

    Absolutely right! This is why the Eagle election in 2019 got SO wild, and offensive for some.
    I vowed not to get “ugly” this next round but you can bet I’ll be calling out the Left on EVERY SINGLE lie they publish. They are masters of misinformation and experts at fear-mongering.
    I’m on the offense now, no longer defense.

  12. CB (Chuck) Reitz Reply

    I have observed over my lifetime, a party compromize itself further and further away from its core beliefs until thousands left that party and became unaffiliated. In my own case I stayed away for 18 years.
    There has to be a time when you stop believing promises that never materialize and decide that if you are right, why compromise? All you do is weaken your position and encourage your enemies, and that is what they are now, enemies, not opposition.
    We are now in a knock down drag out fight… for the salvation of this country. Freedom or slavery.
    Taking advantage of, after careful thought, the situation and the veto proof position shold be addressed as quickly as possible. Make sure you’re right then go ahead
    If you have any Republicans that resist good sound legislation, they are not the kind you want. Concentrate on removing them and get good ones in.

  13. Chad Inman Reply

    Join the RINO hunt at where there is always an open season and never any bag limits. The Platform Adherence Committee tracks the votes, according to the Platform the politician runs on, and follows the campaign money.

  14. Doug Olsen Reply

    Thank you for pointing out reclaim Idaho they are funded by the war criminal Gorge Soros who has declared war on Idaho we can not sit this war out.

  15. Debra West Reply

    You are 100% correct. We must be proactive, not reactive! Stop the push to the far left and protect Idaho and its citizens.

  16. Kim Hall Reply

    We need legislation to address “Queer “Theory” that is being taught in Idaho’s universities. It is nothing more than indoctrination into an unhealthy ideology and lifestyle.

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