14 thoughts on “Do You Oppose Red Flag Laws? Take The Poll Today!

  1. Terry Johnson Reply

    Yes I oppose red flag law it is nothing more than underhanded gun control.

  2. Robie Cagle Reply

    Resist tyranny in all its forms, and immediately on knowledge that our freedoms are being threatened.

  3. Curtis Reply

    Red flag laws. Red blood both of the enforcer and the victim will soon be dripping off this law. If they want a fight then by trying to take away are right to possess guns will be the call to arms.Because the ones that come to your door are no different from a thief. They have homes to.

  4. Brian Reply

    Red flag laws are a direct violation of the constitution and part of the reason for the second amendment! We have a right to due process!!

  5. Willie Reply

    Red flag laws switch the law and assume guilt until proven innocent. All at the accused cost as well. Violation of individual rights and due process.

  6. Frank Hickman Reply

    Red Flag is against the constitution. Leave the 2nd amendment alone.

  7. Tim Reply

    Red Flag Laws go against the Constitution, the Second Amendment, it is an end around of unlawfull search and seizure and it violates the Due Process we are GUARANTEED under the Bill Of Rights.
    Yes I absolutely oppose Red Flag Laws !!!!

  8. David Rice Reply

    It is called “due process” for a reason. Once power is given it is never returned.

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