Establishment Republicans and Leftists Attack Dorr Brothers and Greg Pruett

2020 will go down as one of the most intense years of our lifetimes.

We are seeing massive attacks on freedom and liberty like I have not seen before. Attacks are being launched against conservative activists across the country.

The left and establishment Republicans are trying to undermine and destroy those who are fighting to maintain our freedoms.

Recently, three of my friends and I have been under increased attacks from the radical left and from establishment Republicans who think they are “exposing” us.

Aaron, Chris, and Ben Dorr are three friends of mine who live in different states. My goal is to give you an outsider’s perspective on these men that I know personally and have worked with for years now and why these attacks are happening.

The Dorr brothers not only fight for gun rights in the states they live in, but they also help gun owners in any state they can.

For my part, I live in Idaho and fight for gun owners here, but have also helped in Wisconson and I am also trying to help out in Washington state.

To us, we are all in this fight together and there is nowhere we won’t help if we can.

Sadly, because we fight for gun owners in multiple states, we get labeled as “grifters” and “scam artists” by our enemies.

Before I get to the current attacks, I want to give you a little bit of history on how I met Aaron and his other brothers.

I first met Aaron back in 2015, three years after I had started the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. Our group had grown frustrated that the super-majority Republican legislature was not moving on Constitutional Carry in Idaho.

We had tried for three years to do politics the way the politicians want you to do it. I was given the run around for years with no progress in sight.

None of what was considered “traditional” lobbying was working.

That’s when I get a message from the former Executive Director of Wyoming Gun Owners, Anthony Bouchard.

My conversation with Anthony, who is now a State Senator in Wyoming, led to a conversation with Aaron. Eventually, our organization flew him out to Idaho from Iowa to teach us about a different style of political activism.

Aaron taught us about grassroots activism and using the power of grassroots gun owners to influence politicians. Most political groups shower money and praise on politicians to try and buy their support.

However, “confrontational activism” as it is often referred to is about holding politicians accountable to the promises they make on the campaign trail and as elected officials.

Rather than just accepting the excuses for the politician’s failures to defend, protect, or restore our gun rights, we make sure the public knows whether they have done so or not. To the politicians, we are considered “mean” or “bullies” because we don’t just give them the praise that some other gun groups do.

Did you vote for gun control, take money from gun grabbers, or break a promise to help push a good gun bill? We are going to let every person in your district, city, or county know exactly what you have done or not done through social media, mail, TV, radio, or any other means we can muster.

It is this hard-hitting style of politics that has brought us under increased scrutiny from the left and the establishment Republicans.

Dorr brothers and I planning eating lunch and planning the destruction of progressive gun-grabbing policies nationwide.

There have been a series of articles from national leftist publications attacking the Dorr brothers.

The Trace, The Atlantic, Daily Mail, and other national publications have unleashed a flurry of attacks on the Dorrs.

Not only had the Dorr brothers worked to help gun owners, but they also helped fight against the economic shutdowns. Additionally, they spoke out against the attacks on churches being shut down and other forms of government overreach.

They started a number of Facebook groups designed to help like-minded people speak out and fight back against it all.

For this, they were attacked as creating some sort of giant conspiracy and the fake news said they were trying to do it secretly.

Yet, all of them very openly talked about their efforts on social media. They weren’t trying to hide any of it.

We are all very loud and proud of the work that we do as activists.

Establishment Republicans jumped on the “attack the Dorr” bandwagon and I have been dealing with similar attacks here in Idaho.

These establishment hacks attack us and claim that we “kill good bills” and therefore we don’t really want to “win.” What the establishment conveniently leaves out of these attacks is that their bills oftentimes do absolutely nothing that they claim to do or they even put gun control in them.

For instance, when the NRA finally decided to help support Constitutional Carry in Idaho after blocking it for four years, the version they wrote contained gun control.

The ISAA spoke out against the NRA version and demanded that gun control be removed from the bill. It was and thanks to the members of the ISAA we got Constitutional Carry without gun control in it.

Additionally, we often speak out against bills that are “feel-good” measures meant to help politicians win re-election.

We fight for real change, not the breadcrumbs from the elected elite who all believe they know better than you what freedoms you should have.

The establishment attacks us for raising money for our causes and says that we are “scamming” gun owners in particular for our fundraising efforts.

I didn’t realize that raising money for a good cause was considered a “scam.”

Nevermind that the NRA, GOA, and every national gun group in the country raise money as well, I guess we’ll forget about the major problems the NRA has had with lavish spending ($250,000 for a suit for Wayne LaPierre) and the NRA TV that has sucked a ton of money from the organization.

Is there some reason it is okay for the NRA to raise money but not local gun groups who are actually on the ground fighting every day to protect and restore the 2nd Amendment?

Additionally, is there some reason that it is okay for NRA lobbyists can work in multiple states but the Dorr brothers and I are not allowed to?

Dorr Brothers, myself, and a few other patriots at the White House telling President Trump’s staff to not go for NRA-style Red Flag laws!

“Well, you guys are just working in more states to line your own pockets!”

That accusation has been leveled against us numerous times. Yet, no evidence is ever provided that we are somehow taking this money and buying houses in Beverly Hills to get rich or driving around in fancy cars.

The reality is that this is a diversion tactic by the establishment and the left.

Their hope is that you will just believe them rather than asking for any evidence that it’s actually happening.

The 990’s for our groups are always available for everyone to see. I have also been very forthright with my salary.

For the first four years after I started the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, I did it all for free.

After the fourth year, the board decided to give me a monthly salary of $250 which has increased since then to the current amount of $2,500 a month.

I do work for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance beyond a regular full-time job. There are many months where I am doing 60-80 hours a week depending on what’s happening.

Usually, the election seasons and legislative sessions take a massive amount of time and create a massive amount of hardships on our families.

I have a Master’s Degree in Safety and Occupational Health and could make a lot more money with a lot fewer headaches by doing that. But because of my time in Iraq and my time as a member of the Idaho Army National Guard, I felt that giving my time and efforts to preserving freedom was more important than money.

And I know the Dorr brothers all do the same amount of work and most of them do more than I do.

So, because we work in multiple states (just like the NRA) and because we raise money (just like the NRA) we are scammers?

We have actual proof that Wayne LaPierre was spending an insane amount of money on stuff he did not need, but do our enemies attack the NRA for doing what they claim we do?

You see, unlike our enemies I’ve actually seen Aaron’s house and vehicles in person.

Back in 2016, I moved to Wisconsin to help a new gun group get up and going there. On the way to Wisconsin, I had a chance to stop at Aaron’s house for a few days and our families spent some time together.

If Aaron was “scamming” people for their money, he was doing a terrible job at it.

He drove an old beat-up car that was entirely too small for his big body. His house was way too small for his big family and was fairly old.

His TV and any personal belonging that I saw was nothing short of, “Did you buy the cheapest stuff at Walmart you could find?”

I’m being somewhat facetious of course but all the “scammer” accusations just don’t hold water from what I have personally seen.

Nothing, and I mean nothing in this man’s home or life indicated that he was simply helping gun groups across the country because he wanted to “get rich.”

While I haven’t been to the homes of Chris or Ben Dorr, I do know both of them well enough to know they live the same type of humble circumstances that their Christian upbringing taught them to do.

I have had an open invitation to any of the establishment hacks to visit my home or see the life I live to show them as a medically-retired Iraq veteran exactly how I live.

Show me evidence of Aaron or his brothers living the high life off the backs of gun owners and I’ll listen. We can actually show you Wayne LaPierre doing it and yet the establishment remains silent on him.

Do we all help groups in multiple states fight for gun rights? Yes, absolutely.

Are we going to get paid for the work they do? Sure, and why wouldn’t we? Gun owners pay the NRA, GOA, NAGR, SAF, and other lobbyists and executives to do the work that they do.

Is there some reason that the Dorr brothers or myself should not be compensated for the work that we do?

We aren’t in it for the money but we also have to feed our families and I know for a fact that as a percentage of our salaries, we are way under the industry average for non-profits.

We are no different than any other non-profit that is in existence. You have to have people run a non-profit and all of us do the work of three or more people to help cut down on administrative costs.

So, why then are we considered “scammers” or “con-artists” by our enemies, and yet none of these other national groups, especially the NRA, are attacked in the same way?

The truth is that our efforts have led to the ending of political careers because we hold politicians accountable.

I’ve seen a lot of political careers ended by backstabbing politicians.

Unlike some gun groups, we don’t kiss the rear ends of politicians just because they are Republicans. Perhaps it is because we don’t give Republicans a pass just because they aren’t Democrats?

Republicans in particular are used to passing a do-nothing gun bill with the help of the NRA. When election time comes, they know the NRA will help them get re-elected.

We don’t put up with this non-sense and always call it out for what it is.

The real scam is the politicians who push their do-nothing agenda and then go on the campaign trail and tout their “accomplishments” to their constituents.

Perhaps the left is attacking the Dorrs because they know that we have figured out a strategy to fight back against them.

The left hates it when Americans stand up to their tyranny and they will do whatever it takes to try and destroy people like myself and the Dorrs.

As time goes on, you can expect these attacks to continue and to get more vicious. They are trying to turn you, the real patriots, against us because they know you are the only ones who can “cancel” us.

Their war of cancel culture knows no bounds and they want the real conservative activists to be gone.

However, we are not going anywhere and the attacks only give us more resolve to keep fighting for the rights of Americans wherever and whenever we can help.

Aaron recently spoke at the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Gold Banquet and provided some additional training just hours before to other conservative activists.

Collectively, the group of us and our friends help out in Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and other states across the country.

We aren’t going to apologize for the hard work we do. And we certainly aren’t going to apologize for working for gun owners and freedom lovers in other states.

It is exhausting and tiring work and it takes a physical, emotional, and spiritual toll on all of us. But we fight on because we know that many people don’t want to do this kind of work.

We are proud to stand with you in the fight to preserve this country that is continuously under attack from socialists, communists, and radical progressives in both major political parties.

You won’t see us back down and good luck getting us to stop our efforts by trying to falsely claim inaccurate things about us and straight-up lying about who we are.

We are all forever grateful for your prayers and support and especially the support you give to the great organizations we are helping to fight for what our Founding Fathers bled and died for.

If you wish to follow me or any of the Dorr brothers, here are the links to our individual Facebook pages:

Aaron Dorr:
Chris Dorr:
Ben Dorr:
Greg Pruett:

Remember, all that it takes for evil to prevail is for good people like you and me to sit back and do nothing.

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  1. Randy Rugh Reply

    I want to personally thank each of you and your families for the work you do. It probably seems like a thankless job at times but believe me when I say, you have the support of thousands.

  2. Bonnie Carter Reply

    Keep up the good work. At times it may seem sometimes as if not enough people notice, but they do.

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