Gov. Little’s Liquor Board Strikes Again Against a Small Business in Idaho

The people of Idaho are growing increasingly frustrated with Governor Little.

His heavy hand of government has found its way into businesses where the state controls its license to operate.

In particular, restaurants and bars have been threatened in recent days by the Governor’s office. The Idaho State Patrol is delivering letters to various establishments with threats of license revocation.

Now, a small business in Pocatello is the next establishment to get the middle finger from Gov. Little’s state liquor board.

Hooligans Pub and Deli didn’t even open early. They tried to do the right thing by re-arranging their establishment with social distancing guidelines.

I even shot a video with them explaining how they would allow people in and what their cleaning requirements would be.

Additionally, the owners, Evan and Amber, sent in a “re-open” plan to the Department of Health and Welfare for approval.

The H&W Department approved Hooligans re-open plan!


Thanks for submitting your plans, they look good. I will be sending the official signed and approved form back prior to Stage 2 beginning.

For your information, the CDC recommends using 5 T bleach to 1 gallon water on all high touch surfaces in order to kill Covid19. However, if you utilize this solution on a food contact surface it would need to be wiped down with clean water prior to food preparation.  Most facilities I have talked with are going to use the high concentration in their lobby/bathroom areas and continue with the food safe standard sanitizer in their kitchen with a nightly wipe down of the higher concentration.

For your information as ABC also issues a permit for your facility you will need to have approval from them  to open May 16th. At this times it seems they are basing that on if you have a restaurant designation on your liquor license. You can talk to ABC or Detective Caldera for more information there.


Elisha Mabey

Sadly, they also told Evan, the establishment owner, that he must get approval from Gov. Little’s state liquor board.

That’s where things begin to fall apart. The liquor board told Evan that his establishment isn’t a real restaurant and therefore he can’t open on May 16th.

Instead, Hooligans must wait until June 3rd to open. There is a GoFund me for Hooligans if you wish to pitch in and help them during this difficult time.

They are grateful to their supporters and pray they can open soon but it appears Gov. Little is going to stick it to them for as long as he can.

Nevermind that you can walk into a Walmart Supercenter right now without any problems. 

In fact, Walmart currently has a “limit” in its stores of 1,000 people!

How does any of this make sense? 1,000 people can go into Walmart and touch everything they want and yet Hooligans and similar bars and restaurants can’t have ONE person in their establishments?

Go to any Walmart and you’ll see hundreds of people without masks, not social distancing, and touching numerous products without purchasing.

But a bar or restaurant can’t have twenty, ten, or even five people in their establishments? The heavy hand of government is keeping these establishments down.

That hasn’t stopped some of them from opening anyway to try and survive. 

However, Gov. Little is now using the Idaho State Police to go after establishments opening early, even if they are following the “opening” guidelines.

This is perhaps one great reason to abhor state-run licensing programs.

The coronavirus shutdown has exposed those who would use the government to shut down establishments they control. Bars, restaurants, salons, and others who require a state license are at the state’s mercy.

Slick’s Bar in Nampa recently posted the letter from the ISP stating they would do an emergency “cease” of their liquor license if they remained open.

Of course, you can go to a state liquor store at any time and get as much as you want. 

That darn market competition can’t get in the way though. 

As the outrage against Little’s “re-opening” plan grows, will he listen to the people? The odds are not in our favor.

Gov. Little seems poised to ignore the conservative base that elected him and instead continue his pleasing of the elite and leftists who shouldn’t have any sway in this state.

19 thoughts on “Gov. Little’s Liquor Board Strikes Again Against a Small Business in Idaho

  1. Kevin Reply

    This is ridiculous! This would have never happened if a Democrat had been elected! Shame on you Little!

    • Mike Reply

      BULLSHIT! He is a Democrat! We call these people RINO’s!!!

  2. James Nechwedowich Reply

    Little is flirting with being a 1 term governor.

    He has lost my vote, if he continues.

    • Tracy Reply

      This is totally ridiculous & bankrupting small business, if a business can follow all cdc guidelines and limit number of people let them open their businesses!!!
      I was in Walmart yesterday they are not cleaning karts, they are not cleaning keypad and screens after each customer, customers touch whatever they want & it isn’t pulled if they don’t buy it!! Funny how leg corp stores can be open & do nothing but not the small businesses that are trying to survive & who are following cdc guidelines!!!! Liquor stores can sell liquor but a bar can’t open, Walmart can sell clothes but boutiques can’t open, Lowe’s can over crowded their store & do nothing and all this is okay with you, well it’s not!!
      Money promised to people guess what they aren’t getting it, shame on you

  3. IdahoChef Reply

    Brad Little is quite disappointing. I hope my fellow Idahoans remember this when it comes time for his re-election – and vote him out. We need an honest, rational, wise governor who will uphold our constitutional rights. Mr. Little must go.

  4. Mark Reply

    Does the owners of Hooligans really want to make this a right vs left argument? They do understand that 45% of poky votes against the Republican Governor and President. The last statement seems to say that Democrats shouldn’t have a voice in idaho…that might just put the nail in the coffin.

  5. fuckyourfakeshit Reply

    Publishing your own writing third-person does not validate you. You have never been a restaurant. You dont even have a small percentage of food sales. Just cause you say I sale food now doesnt mean you get to change the rules. Be a big boy and wait with the rest of us.

    • vickie long Reply

      If we all had govern little money ,none of small business would need to open . But don’t so, little you want us to stay close , how coughing up some money for lease and mortgage s than just maybe can stay close .

  6. Linda Reply

    He needs to go for sure, this is a red state what the hell we don’t even have cases in most of the state power hungry fool vote him out

  7. Cassandra Walker Reply

    If anyone can’t see that this is about Control and not for the Safety of Idaho Residents then you are also part of the Problem! This pandering, elitist Governor is not working for the hardworking people who elected him! He needs to go!

  8. Carol Reply

    It’s freaking ridiculous that he’s keeping bars closed and not the church’s, And other close nit establishment’s. You can go anywhere and sit a inch apart but can’t sit in chairs 6 ft apart. Churches can open but not bars what the hell does that tell you????

  9. Nikki Bearss Reply

    My husband and I own a bar in Caldwell. We too were told by ABC we aren’t allowed to be open. And by the way, it’s June 13th not 3rd (Phase 4) that bars are allowed to open.

  10. Kim Hansen Reply

    Open Idaho!! If people aren’t okay with it then they have the option to stay away. This is nonsense.

  11. Robyn Reply

    Little has done nothing good as far as legalizing cannabis after almost every state has. And its been proven a medical miracle in more ways than one. And during an opiod crisis of people young adults die. Now closing bars cause of alcohol. Mabey hes a closet drinker. Most gov. Officials drink cause its legal. How many deaths from marijuana? How many frim his rediculous vetos has caused deaths and people losing everything cause hes got a corn cob his ass and lives in a picture perfect house and still reieves a check while he smiles and takes peoples lives away. Im not a drinker but roughly very little maybe once a year but have been around people and alcohol my whole life cause its legal. Unless your gov. Little. Even tho those that were falsely accused get no rule 35 or early release or pardons. Hes litterally trying to make us all live under this control POS bullshit. Get him gone. Wheres the petitition and how many signatures do we need. Maybe he should start taking his wages and pay those that are losing money or going out of business. Especially when they are sanitizing and using social distancing. Hes a dem and sucks like the rest of dems. Now whos voting dems. They are liars and out to control us and belittle us. Oh thats where the littles name descens from. POS Little… Be gone with your sucky ass controling self. In therapy (all therapist say you can only control yourself not someone else of course unless you are in control of we the people. Ha so he thinks. Lets get him gone!!

  12. Douglas Scott Reply

    Governor Little,

    How’s it feel to know you will either be recalled or or 1-termer. I believe your political career in this state is coming to an end.

  13. Donna J Park Reply

    In my opinion common sense was not available when the restrictions were first issued, and weren’t even an option as the restrictions were extended. Considering the fact that the greatest threat/ contagion of Covid-19 was in two specific areas of the state, it was a short- yourself- in- the- foot decision to force the entire state into a restrictive situation. It seems to me that no one has truly addressed the fact that the budgets for all agencies in the state are going to suffer from lack of revenue as most of the businesses paying into the state’s coffers haven’t been permitted to operate.

    Additionally, it points to the fact that having to be licensed by the state makes you a vulnerable pawn.

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