Gun Grabbers Nationwide Meltdown Over 11-Year-Old Girl with AR-15!

Earlier this week Idaho passed HB 516, an expansion of their Constitutional Carry law, through the House State Affairs Committee.

Passing a pro-2nd Amendment bill in Idaho is pretty common these days. The bill actually passed the full Idaho House yesterday.

But it wasn’t the pro-gun bill moving forward that caught the attention of the nation.

No, that would be 11-year-old Bailey and her grandpa who testified at the hearing. Bailey was sporting her AR-15 in the committee hearing.

You see, in Idaho, there are no restrictions on carrying inside the capitol while you are attending a hearing for a bill.

Open carry and concealed carry are both allowed, and without a permit, I might add.

So, when local media outlets posted a picture of Bailey and her AR-15, the entire nation took notice.

Of course, you can imagine the complete meltdown gun grabbers and hoplophobes across the country had when they saw this picture.

The attacks on gun owners for this young lady even holding an AR-15 sent them into a frenzy.

Even Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts, tweeted about it.


The gun-grabbing group “Brady Campaign” also chimed in.

They touted a grandfather and his granddaughter exercising their 2nd Amendment rights as “not normal.”


And then, of course, there were the comment sections filled to the brim with hateful and idiotic comments.

Here are a couple of the comments we captured.


Of course, Idahoans probably wouldn’t mind if gun grabbers avoided their state.

Watching the national media meltdown over a girl carrying a rifle is rather amusing. It always is.

Then again, we have to deal with the stupidity of gun-grabbers calling AR-15’s “assault rifles” and every other incorrect terminology out there.

For now, enjoy the meltdown and share this article to continue the effort of annoying a gun grabber near you.

15 thoughts on “Gun Grabbers Nationwide Meltdown Over 11-Year-Old Girl with AR-15!

  1. Suzanne Reply

    We in Idaho appreciate our 2nd Amendment and hope to keep it alive and well in our state. Those of you who don’t like it don’t need to come here. Stay where you are because we don’t need anymore like yourselves trying to change our state laws.

  2. Rod Johnson Reply

    Just a reminder to all the voters in our great State regarding our representatives: We need to focus on rooting out the rinos less we become the next battleground in the 2nd amendment war and find ourselves asking “how did that happen” when they all start rolling over for the gun grabbers.

    I say we need more Grandparents and parents doing exactly what this man and his granddaughter did and keep throwing the constitution in their faces.

  3. Daniel Sevy Reply

    Idaho is a little more of what America was and should be.
    We intend to retain our morals, our values, and our guns!
    We have NO intention of conforming with the (so called) liberal progressive oppressive agenda.
    If you don’t like it, that’s okay, don’t come!

  4. Dennis Frisby Reply

    Isn’t it amazing how the gun grabbers have absolutely nothing to say about Muslims teaching their children not only how to be proficient with firearms, but also how to decapitate ‘infidels’, how to rape infidels and even other Muslims, and how to beat their women, but are up in ‘arms’ over an 11-year-old girl carrying a loaded sporting rifle, not an ‘assault’ rifle, exercising her 2nd Amendment protection to do so!!! If the sight of a girl exercising her 2nd Amendment protection to carry a firearm upsets you so terribly, PLEASE do Idahoans a huge favor and don’t even come here for a visit; we don’t need your contaminated and convoluted way of thinking polluting our GREAT STATE!!!

  5. Mary L Barnwell Reply

    If silly people think an AR15 is not a usefull hunting weapon, look at some videos and see how effective they are in killing feral pigs, that are doing so much harm to the environment in Florida. They are so effective in killing these destructive imported invaders, who breed like rabbits, starting at 6mos of age, having litters of 5 or 6 three times a year…add that up. They damage Farmers fields badly. dig places to mud bath, giving mosquitos a place to breed.

  6. Craig Campbell Reply

    Chuck is right about people cowering in fear of things they don’t understand. We need to pity those that can not or will not address their fears but live by them. These are the same people who are in fear of the God that loves them…

  7. Joel Tabot Reply

    We should have a parades of prepubescent boys and girls walking down the streets toting AR-15’s and signs saying “Don’t Come To Idaho If You Don’t Support the Second Amendment.”

  8. Dennis Reply

    We in Idaho love this grandfather and his 11 year old granddaughter if you don’t like seeing this stay the hell out of here you Cal. Move here here and bring your want to be mobsters here our girls need to protect them self from idiots like you

  9. Dave Wirick Reply

    This all looks perfectly normal and proper. Teach them proper respect for firearms when they are young and they wont be a problem. Education is the key, most gun grabbers don’t know the first thing about guns or gun safety.

  10. Kathy A Reply

    The most foolhardy thing you can do to your children is teach them nothing about safe firearm handling.
    And since gun rights are WOMEN’S rights (we need to keep saying this), I’m happy she’s getting an early education.

  11. Mary Ottwell Reply

    I don’t own a gun, I don’t like guns but I do not have the right to deny them to others. There is a time and place for owning and using guns. For those who want to take them away, you will only be taking them from those who obey the laws and respect the use of a gun. If you think you will ever take them from the Bad Guys, you should rethink your position. You can’t keep guns from them, not now, not ever. If a criminal wants a gun, he will always find a way to get one and use it in the wrong way. For what it’s worth……… just one old lady’s opinion.

  12. Michael P. Thompson Reply

    For 86 years, since the passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934, we have stood by passively while politicians have passed gun law after gun law. Not one of them has had any effect on violence. There has been 86 years of trying the same old thing and it has never worked. They have only stripped the rights of law-abiding citizens who own guns. The attack gets progressively more invasive with each passing year. The National Firearms act of 1968, The Brady Bill, The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, the list goes on and on. All failed to reduce gun violence. Yet we travel down the same worn path again and again. All the time people continue to die while our elected officials carry on the same old debates. However, there is hope. The model of action used to prevent drunk driving has a lot of positive transfer. I can remember when drunk driving was more of a rite of passage than a crime. Now it is a serious crime with serious consequences. For the drunk driving problem, we did not find fault with cars, we went after irresponsible drivers with a great deal of success that has been copied in many other countries. We are the leader and the current world model. Those who drive drunk are swiftly and severely punished. I propose that we use our lessons learned, abandon methods that have been repeatedly proven ineffective, and pursue methods with a proven track record. Those who use firearms to do violence should be punished with vigor. All too often, in our courtrooms, prosecutors will plea bargain away the gun charges to get a guilty plea to another offense. If the criminal is convicted, they often receive a light sentence for the gun charge.
    This is what needs to be changed.

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