Idaho Attorney General Removes Tattle-Telling Guidelines from Stay-At-Home FAQ

In the last week, we have figured out that there are limits to what Idahoans will put up with under the stay-at-home order.

First, we spoke out loudly against a form the Department of Health & Welfare posted online. The form encouraged people to turn in those they believed were violating the stay-at-home order.

Thankfully, that order was quickly removed under intense pressure from citizens and several Idaho legislators.

However, that wasn’t the only government entity encouraging people to “rat” on one another.

The Idaho Attorney General’s office also had a “Stay-At-Home Frequently Asked Question” guideline that encouraged people to contact authorities if they believed there was a violation.

I am happy to announce that the guideline has now been removed from their website!

Life under the Chinese Coronavirus has been hectic enough already.

Encouraging citizens to turn on one another was only going to increase the tension in our communities.

Here is what the guideline looked like before it was changed:

You can see from this guideline that abuse could have been very prevalent. I likened it to the dangers of Red Flag laws.

You could simply turn someone in without any real evidence just to cause them problems.

Several people, including some former legislators, had made me aware of this guideline. A number of folks then started contacting the AG’s office to take it down.

Now, there is a whole new guideline that removes any reference to turning someone else in for violations.

Here is what the new section says:

The new guideline removes any reference to reporting. Instead, the question focuses on enforcement authority.

This guideline is significantly different and what you would expect to see from the AG’s office. You still have to wonder who came up with the initial question though.

Would they have changed it without public pressure?

I want to thank all of the Idahoans who spoke out against the AG’s guideline.

You made a difference!

11 thoughts on “Idaho Attorney General Removes Tattle-Telling Guidelines from Stay-At-Home FAQ

  1. Mike Reply

    Good thing they dropped it…the Nazi’s encouraged people to rat out their Jewish neighbors…this COVID-19 pandemic is real but it’s also an exercise in control and how easily the government can control the populace.

  2. Jon thieman Reply

    Whoever puts this stuff in these orders need to be identified and disciplined!

  3. Jeff k Reply

    What has Idaho become? God bless our few true conservative legislators.

  4. Jonn Snell Reply

    The Governor, the Department of Health and Welfare, nor the office of the Attorney General …

    Words have consequences. This says two out of thee DO claim the power.
    The children who write these things should be checked by adults.

  5. Doc Loch Reply

    For you who can’t look carefully, it says in the deleted section, that the listed agencies CANNOT enforce the order. In the revised section, it says the the listed agencies CAN enforce the order. THIS IS BAD NEWS, NOT GOOD!

    You need to simply refuse to obey let them try to enforce the order as they now claim they can. Those who rat out their neighbors need to have consequences. Ask the Germans. Ask the Russians. Ask the Chinese.

    • Doc Loch Reply

      Sorry, I’m the one who can’t read. I thought the first one was the original. This is good news.

  6. Christine rogers Reply

    WHY HAVENT YOU SHUT DOWN The liquor stores do they have special privileges I feel they are not essential to life unless you’re an alcoholic.

  7. lloyd jones Reply

    And besides that, whatever happened to “due process,” for locking people up.
    Lloyd Jones

  8. Justin Leavens Reply

    All for a stupid flu? RIP, America. You have tied your hands to China. Either vote for a Congress that sends China the bill, or keep your International’s in Office, and slowly bleed to death. Either way, America, war or bankruptcy knock at your door. No better time than the present to repent of your sins and believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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