Idaho’s Republican Legislators and Voters Aren’t Ready for What’s Coming!

When you think of Idaho you think of a conservative stronghold. You might think of old-school family values. Most think of the 2nd Amendment and citizens who want limited government interference in their life.

However, anyone watching from the outside sees that Idaho is headed for drastic changes.

The question is, what is the biggest threat to our way of life in Idaho, and are the Republican legislature and voters ready for it?

Many Idahoans may point to the large influx of outsiders moving here as the biggest problem. New Idahoans may point to the apathy of native Idahoans as the biggest threat to freedom here.

In reality, both arguments have valid concerns.

Certainly, not everyone moving to Idaho is a Constitutional loving Republican, and far too many native Idahoans are asleep at the wheel with what is happening around them.

I would guess that apathy from all who love freedom and liberty is going to be a major problem with what has already begun in Idaho.

The real concern for those who want to protect Idaho should be the mobilization of the radical left in this state.

The progressives here are beginning to do what they have done in other states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

They are raising large sums of money, volunteers,  and help from out-of-state organizations to help them push their radical agenda.

In other states, the apathy of conservative voters led to the overthrow of their states in a very short amount of time. That’s exactly what is going to happen to Idaho if we don’t stand up and fight back.

The radical left is already utilizing their favorite tool to upend Idaho’s political system by using the ballot initiative process. 

In other states, the radical left has figured out that they can use the initiative process to get around our representative government. They can implement radical policies without having to deal with those pesky elected representatives.

Such an effort is already underway in Idaho with the passage of Medicaid Expansion. Two more initiatives are being pushed for the 2020 election which will raise taxes and increase the minimum wage.

Earlier this year the Idaho legislature attempted to make the ballot initiative process more difficult and it was ultimately vetoed by the governor. However, those restrictions weren’t going to slow down the use of initiatives in Idaho.

In reality, making the initiative process more restrictive isn’t sufficient to stop our enemies from pushing them forward. The radical left is well-funded and well-organized. They will work around any new restriction.

Truthfully, the only way to stop these radicals from gaining a major foothold in Idaho is to remove the ballot initiative process altogether. This idea may seem radical until you realize that only half the county even has a ballot initiative process.

It’s also not radical when you realize that it is a major reason that California, Oregon, and Washington have turned far-left.

Idahoans and our legislature are going to have a decision to make.

Will we have the guts to put the ballot initiative process up for a vote? 

In addition to that dangerous tool, the left is forming new organizations with the intent to push radical environmentalism, more direct democracy, social justice efforts and gun control.

What they did to conservative Colorado is being replicated right now, here in Idaho.

Reclaim Idaho, United Vision for Idaho, and other efforts are just the beginning.

They don’t care about our way of life and they will use any means at their disposal to get what they want. The ends justify the means in their push for socialism.

The radical left is using MMA style fighting rules in this fight.

On the other hand, Republican legislators and voters think we are using playground rules from elementary school. The fight isn’t even going to be close if we don’t wake up and change the way we protect this state.

The attacks are going to increase from leftist groups.

Their bank accounts are going to grow. Their list of volunteers who will invade your District will increase rapidly.

Media outlets across the state will also join their chorus of socialistic ideals. We are seeing this already with the massive coverage that the tax increase initiative and minimum wage initiative have received. Editorial Boards for newspapers have also been endorsing these efforts.

Will our Republican legislators and citizens sit by and watch it happen? Will they call these concerns fearmongering? Will they continue to say that what happened to Colorado and Washington can’t happen to Idaho?

Time is running out.

Decide now what you want Idaho to look like in the future and then elect legislators who understand what is happening, and are willing to defeat these leftists before it’s too late.




13 thoughts on “Idaho’s Republican Legislators and Voters Aren’t Ready for What’s Coming!

  1. Guy A Williams Reply

    Greg, I agree completely.
    Tell us WHAT we can do & HOW to maintain our Liberty in Idaho.

  2. Jw Reply

    Do not forget to add idaho conservatives group to this list. It is a facebook group and not sure also add PSA to the concern.

  3. Fred Blau Reply

    It took me 78 years to realize the the republic of commiefornia wasn’t for me and my family. I’m a Constitutional Conservative and the swamp was not part of my beliefs. I just want to enjoy the ambiance of Idaho and not change a thing. I will do what I can to protect the Conservative way of life.

  4. Casey Schneider Reply

    This article is spot on. Wake up Idaho. Don’t let these leftists take hold. Pay attention to what is being taught in your public schools where the left has the biggest influence. Don’t think that what is happening in California, Oregon, and Washington can’t happen in Idaho.

  5. Jeremy Reply

    Were going to end up having a civil war , and the left that doesnt want guns and have guns are stupid to mess with the real patriots that do have a lot of guns ,ammo, and know how to use them are going to fed up with these liberal assholes trying to ram there evil agenda on everyone and the good ole boys on the right are going to do what they have to do…

  6. Lucy Cerra Reply

    Don’t hate me…I’m from California originally…BUT…I moved to Idaho because I loved Idaho for what it was and I NEVER wanted to change it. I moved from Southern California to Northern California in 1980, when I was 18, and it was overtaken by Bay Area liberals within two months of my moving there. They slowly began to infiltrate and then BAM! they change everything. So I see what’s been happening here, and I’m up in the Panhandle. It’s been going on for a while…the trickling effect. The arrogant ones who “know what’s best “ and have left their state because it’s in the toilet. I see the same thing with illegals happening here too: they drop them off a at a shopping center then they stand around a light pole until they get picked up. I’ve seen it ALL in California and never felt any love for that state where, as a citizen, you were second class. And yes, Greg, I agree with you…Idaho is next. I am tired of seeing this happen to good places and good people. It’s not right. It’s time for this infiltration to end.

  7. Jon Jacobson Reply

    We moved to Twin Falls in May because we did not believe in Gov. Newsom’s vision of California as a Socialist utopia.

  8. Desiree Reply

    I see it in the schools, I see it in our local governments, I see it everywhere. This is absurd! Leave our state ALONE! I have been living here since I was 10 years old. This is my HOME. I stay here because I enjoy EVERYTHING conservative Idaho has to offer. The only change that needs to happen is to get rid of those who are trying to turn it into WA, OR, CA. This is IDAHO! Leave us alone!

  9. Bonnie Krupp Reply

    Our representatives sit around during the off season while the progressives organize their next move. In Ada County they just say oh we can’t change things. Time to target Melissa, Matt, Maryanne and Ileana. The Republicans can’t even hold a fundraiser.

  10. Matthew Blumenthal Reply

    Like many, I am a refugee from California. However, I was raised in Maryland. I’ve seen what happened to that once pleasant state when the grabbers and nanny staters took over. There are a lot of ways to fight the takeover. People who want things to remain good here have to be willing to fight. They have to fight at the ballot box. They have to fight not only in state and national elections, but at the local level. If they are not willing to do that, they are screwed.

    Remember, it was the influx of east coast liberals that turned California into what it is today. Which is why people like myself, who loved it thirty five years ago hate it are are fleeing today. I plan on living here until I die. I am willing to fight.

  11. Deb Reply

    If you don’t think Idaho will become like California when half of California (will, not quite) has moved here, then you haven’t paid attention to history. Colorado, California, Montana, and other states were one conservative run states until the invasion from California got them. More people demand more laws is the belief in order to maintain a civil society.

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