Interview With Mom Arrested at Meridian, Idaho Park

So, people across the country heard about a mom who was arrested at a city park in Meridian, Idaho on April 21st.

That individual happens to be a friend of mine.

Now, a heated debate has ensued over whether or not she should or should not have been arrested.

Sara Brady was at a park that had been closed by the city with her kids and other parents and their kids.

It is just the most recent act of defiance by citizens against city and state governments closing everything down and citing people for violating the stay-at-home order.

Whether you agree with Sara’s actions or not, one thing is clear: Americans are growing increasingly frustrated by the government stay-at-home orders.

Protests are taking place across the country. Americans from all walks of life and pushing back against forced quarantines.

Quarantining healthy people for this long is bound to have a number of negative impacts other than frustration and anger.

For instance, suicides, domestic abuse, drug abuse, depression, and anxiety are all on the rise because people are stuck without anywhere to go.

So, it’s no surprise to me quite frankly that we are here at this point now.

And really, this isn’t a “conservative” movement as some want to claim. There are people in other countries who are also rebelling against the quarantine orders.

Business owners of all backgrounds are frustrated by what is happening as their livelihoods are destroyed.

The economy has been decimated and who knows how many lives have been lost as a result of so many people losing their jobs.

Now, what happened at the park with Sara Brady?

There are numerous videos out there showing what went down.

The police asked Sara and the rest of the parents to leave several times. Sara persisted in asking the officers why they had to leave a public park.

The officers informed her that the parks were closed due to concerns from the Chinese Coronavirus.

After asking Sara to leave several times the officer gave her five seconds to leave or he was going to detain her. At three seconds in, Sara turns around and tells the officers to arrest her then. They then arrested her and booked her.

Now, some will argue that she should have been arrested because she asked to be.

For me, I look at the bigger picture of what our country has become under the Chinese Coronavirus lockdown.

Several months ago we were cruising along and hoping for a good turnout in the elections for 2020.

Then, China decided to lie and coverup what they were doing in the country and now we are all paying the price for it.

Rather than blame anyone here for what is happening, I think the Chinese are to blame. And they should pay for this entire mess.

Can you really blame Americans for not wanting to be stuck for an entire month with nowhere to go? Elected officials who are making these decisions are still getting paid.

Police, healthcare workers, and everyone is placed in situations where they have to go against their own people.

All because the Chinese government lied and now people are dying and losing freedoms as a result.

Now, even if Sara staged the whole event and wanted to get arrested to become famous, arresting her wasn’t necessary.

In my opinion, we should be a lot more forgiving of one another and rather than arresting people for having garage sales, going to church, skating in a park, or other otherwise legal activities, we should be opening up our state.

There are already plans on May 1st to open up most businesses.

Quite frankly I don’t see why we don’t’ do it now! Why are we waiting for the end of the month to do it?

Is the virus going to magically disappear in the next week and a half?

All that being said, here is my brief interview with Sara Brady at the protest that same evening after she had posted bail.

There are going to be a lot of accusations against Sara and I wanted her to have a chance to tell her side of the story.

I hope when this is all over that we can get back to normal and that we’ll learn a lot of lessons from what we are going through as a country.

I sincerely hope that we’ll understand that freedom is precious. My fear is that the government will keep taking freedoms under each new “emergency” that happens.

If you aren’t willing to stand up now and speak out against government overreach, when will you do it?

I may not have handled the situation that Sara was in like she did, but arresting a mom who was at a park and playing with her kids because some other person ratted her out is not what our country should be doing.


25 thoughts on “Interview With Mom Arrested at Meridian, Idaho Park

  1. Pam Hemphill Reply

    Watch my YouTube channel Pam Hemphill as Ammon Bundy and many more serve the police officer who arrested Sara.

  2. Pam Hemphill Reply

    Watch my YouTube channel Pam Hemphill as Ammon Bundy and many more serve the police officer who arrested her.

  3. Randy Felber Reply

    Why was the park even closed? I thought Little said to get out and recreate.

    • Rich Reply

      Probably the same reason why schools are close across the country. But with all of these idiots in Idaho it doesn’t look like there is any kind education system in place anyways.

  4. Tammara Reply

    This was an unfortunate incident, but also affords her the opportunity to have her day in court and have the stay-at-home declared unconstitutional. Civil disobedience was employed by some of history’s most revered, like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Those that peacefully resist today’s oppressive overstep of power by our leaders will join the ranks of greatness. We stand in solidarity with you, Sara.

  5. mtman2 Reply

    There is a line those WE hire must know not to cross.

    Leo’s who in swearing an oath to the Constitution must refuse to obey “directives” for being –
    “And Unlawful Order”
    This is true in the military or civilian life…!

  6. go screw yourself idiots Reply

    Wow, a deadly infectious disease that mutates rapidly is spreading and the government is asking nicely that people stay home and obey their emergency laws in order to protect the population? Oh how awful. Yeah it’d be better if hundreds of thousands of people died in a couple months and the government did nothing right? Ignorant morons….

      • Rich Reply

        Sherry you ignorant slut! Like it does mutate this isn’t the first strain of the virus. It mutates but slowly.

  7. Lisa L Reply

    This is so hilarious. Black kids get shot and killed and the MAGA crowd yells “OBEY THE LAW!” A white lady gets handcuffed for BREAKING THE LAW during a deadly global pandemic and the MAGA crowd goes nuts. This woman and the entire MAGA crowd protesting these stay at home orders are putting the rest of us at risk with their stupidity. OBEY THE LAW!

  8. Sherry Reply

    Yes obey the law…that’s exactly what they told the citizens of Nazi Germany and how did that work out.stop and think about it, arrested for being in a park… arrested for not being six feet apart.and then there’s the snitches,good Lord don’t even get me started….

    • Rich Reply

      Why are you bringing up old news? You have no ideal on what it was like being a citizen during Nazi Germany.

    • Steve Reply

      You are comparing a premeditated event at a park in Boise, ID where the park is completely open except for the playground and the officers ask her to go to a different part of the park that isn’t closed off for the safety of the children and others with a World Pandemic going on to a comparison of Nazi Germany??? They where not arrested for not being 6ft apart. Good try though.

  9. Alan Tucker Reply

    I support law enforcement in general, but the responses of governments across the nation to this pandemic and the blind obedience of officers has me worried. In the past, Law Enforcement Officers have made it know that they would never support unconstitutional acts such as forcibly disarming the public. Yet, the willingness I am observing of Officers to willfully violate other Constitutional Rights such as the right to assemble makes me think that LEOs would be complicit in the violation of all Constitutional rights. IMHO.

  10. Linda L. Reply

    I am a Conservative, love the police, and believe in protest. But, I believe this mother started pushing back for her own notoriety. We have laws for a reason. We are not yet back to OPEN UP, we are just PREPARING for it. She let all the children at that park see her ridiculous behavior and ridicule of the police, and she whipped them up to the point that they tore down the newly placed police tape with total disregard for the law. Her state was going to be relaxing the park rules shortly and she caused a situation that ended up reinforcing bad behavior and disregard for authority that could have been avoided. It was selfish and immature. I hope she didn’t cause more health concerns by setting her own timetable.

  11. Dave Parsons Reply

    I am a conservative and army vet I do not love the police like a trained sheep. I see the cops as good and bad.Not all gods who should be obeyed and worshipped no matter what laws they are breaking. I feel they should follow laws like the rest of us. They are hired to enforce the law. Nothing else. They swear to uphold the constitution of the united states. When they knowing on purpose break the laws of the constitution. They become criminals and should be jailed.The people should turn on them in numbers and get rid of them like we did in ww2. The woman was six feet apart and exercising her constitutional right . The cops all the way up to the gov. are the tyrants.from cop to gov. None of them have the right to change the constitution to there way of thinking and not everyone is sheep who will follow what they call laws.

  12. Brad Trevino Reply

    Hey Greg! I just wanted to thank you for bringing up Sara Brady’s blatant assholery and neglect for public safety. You’ve inspired me to start a GoFundme campaign to have Brad Little reelected. Looks like this didn’t work out very well for you Karen, I mean Sara.

  13. Becca Reply

    She was not ratted out. Her group planned for her to get arrested and draw attention. There are details that are being left out by her and her group. She’s not a martyr nor a hero. They could have stayed in the park had they stayed off the playground equipment. She’s a terrible example. Her group as a bunch of bullies and an example of how to be bad people.She suffers from hubris. You are not important enough that the law should go according to what you think is just. It’s not about just you.

  14. Nikkie Reply

    That’s a lie. There was no post about a play date at all. There was a post however starting a protest at the park. And she wasn’t arrested for being at the park. It was for being at the play ground. Which her kid were playing at illegally. Unless she is married to someone new in law enforcement she’s divorced from a man in law enforcement with one child together. She’s a liar.

  15. Rich Reply

    I crack the case guys! Tom Brady & Sara Brady…..both to the park on the same day the 21st. One got arrest and the other didn’t. When the police officer counted down from five for Sara to leave the park. You know what happen next she stops the officer at 3 to tell him to arrest her. Now you go back to the date 21 and the amount of letters in their first names (7)…Date+Letters = 28. This is to signify that the Falcons blew 28-3 lead. That sneaky TOM DID IT AGAIN!!

  16. George Reply

    Looks to me that a bunch of idiots live in Idaho and. Some other idiots responded on here also.
    They broke the law and the Police arrested her. Case closed

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