My Message to Governor Little: Open Idaho’s Economy Immediately!

Dear Governor Little,

As an Idahoan who has seen the impact of your “stay-at-home” order, I am asking you to immediately lift the restrictions on our economy and our freedoms.

I actually supported how you were handling the situation prior to the stay-at-home order being issued. Then, you decided that Rachel Maddow should determine what Idaho did in response to the Chinese Coronavirus.

Who is anyone in the government to decide what is essential or not essential? 

For instance, you determined that state liquor stores are “essential” and that bars must all close. However, did you go talk to my brother and his wife who own a bar in Pocatello (Hooligans) and ask them if their business was essential to their livelihood?

They are now without any income and are unable to do the “loan” being forced upon them.

Is feeding their children essential or not? Is clothing their children or ensuring that they can take them to the doctor essential or not?

You see, it’s interesting to me that elected officials who are shuttering the lives of everyday Idahoans all have jobs. Elected officials are going to be paid no matter what decisions you make.

It must be nice to have a paycheck to support your family while deciding that my brother and his wife’s income are not “essential.”

Governor, I know you are under a lot of pressure from people to extend this “stay-at-home” order. However, Idahoans have suffered long enough.

We can take care of our people, social distance, and slow the spread of the virus without devastating on our economy.

There is no guarantee in life that we can live without risk.

Yes, we can mitigate those risks but doing so by government force is setting a dangerous path.

The amount of liberty being taken by governments is deeply troubling. Sadly, you and others in this state have set a dangerous path for future emergency orders.

I am asking you, along with thousands of other Idahoans, including my brother and his family who you have put out of work, to immediately lift the order and get Idaho’s economy back on track.


Greg Pruett


12 thoughts on “My Message to Governor Little: Open Idaho’s Economy Immediately!

  1. Ben Foot Reply

    Your “shut down” of the economy is devastating to the citizens of Idaho. You need to lift this ban and allow us to move about freely. We are all adults and know when to stay home without having to be told to do so, it also is not the governments place to hold a position of hierarchy above the people as well. We have not had restrictions placed upon us with past pandemics and this one should be no different.

  2. LD Brrg Reply

    Please STOP this shutdown!
    Its clearly Unconstitutional and Im afraid this new found “power” can and will be used again by future Mayors and Governors.
    If this keeps on I am really fearful of Civil unrest in our Country.
    This Order is creating many more problems then solving considering IDAHOANS are dying by suicide faster then this “Virus”.
    Let that sink in.
    Please Governor Little get our great State back to work!

  3. Barb Reynolds Reply

    You are so right LD. Suicide out numbers people dying from the virus!

  4. Barb Reynolds Reply

    Quarantine is for sick people and at risk! Stop this shutdown!

  5. DL Kester Reply

    I totally agree Greg! The numbers are low in Idaho considering we have almost 1.8 million people living here. The people have lost so much to this shutdown. We need to get back to work. Already, it could take years for people to recover financially from this mandatory shutdown and its only going to get worse!

    • Howard Reply

      Well said! We are not sheeple. Let the sheepleft worry about the common cold

  6. Christopher Moore Reply

    Open the economy up now. Before it’s too late. Set an example for the rest of the country.

  7. Ryon Fretwell Reply

    This stay at home order is Preposterous!!! You are hurting families, single mothers, single fathers with children, saw a car abandoned on the side of the road yesterday( it’s still there today) with all of someone’s possessions piled on the side of the road people are losing their places to live!! Get it reopened NOW!! I live down the street from you in Emmett , Governor snap out of it! The cure CANNOT be like this as it is wiping out people everywhere!!
    Ryon Fretwell

  8. Ralph M Lacer Reply

    The democrats and newspaper editors seem to love this shutdown, no one else. Open up the state.

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