See Gun Grabber Michael Bloomberg’s Idaho Office for Yourself!

Recently, news broke that notorious gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg was courting Boise City Councilman TJ Thomson for an endorsement.

Bloomberg, who is skipping the first four states of the Democrat Presidential Primary, is instead focusing on “Super Tuesday” and states just after Super Tuesday to launch his campaign.

Idaho is one of those states.

He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on TV, radio, and social media ads in an attempt to buy the election. Many of these ads have run in Idaho.

Bloomberg has now turned his campaign up a notch in Idaho.

Idaho is the most pro-2nd Amendment state in the country. We have the best gun owners any state could ask for.

And Michael Bloomberg wants to set up shop in Idaho?

In contrast to Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing agenda, 150 gun owners braved a snowstorm to show their love the 2nd Amendment today (2/5/2020) at the capitol in Boise. We let the gun control crowd, including Michael Bloomberg, know we are here to fight back,

These are the people who are ready to stand up to Bloomberg and his radical agenda.

And there are many more just like them in Idaho.

Now, Bloomberg has set up a campaign office in Idaho to help court Democrat voters for the Democrat Primary.

I had to go and see this office for myself. After the rally, I drove down to Bloomberg’s office in Boise to show gun owners what was happening.

Snow and all, I shot the video below on Facebook to give you a live report on what was happening.

Gun grabber and nanny-stater Michael Bloomberg has an office here in Boise.

Posted by Greg Pruett for Idaho on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

There is no telling how much money Michael Bloomberg intends to spend in Idaho for his campaign.

More concerning however is how much he will eventually try to spend in Idaho to flip us “blue.” He has already done so in states like Washington, Colorado, and Virginia.

Idaho’s gun owners can’t be apathetic in the defense of gun rights or any of our liberties. 

Your activism is desperately needed and we hope you’ll continue to stand with us. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today!

Be sure to share this story with as many Idahoans as you can to help spread the word that the fight for gun rights is alive and well in Idaho.

This is our time to stand up for the right to keep and bear arms.




20 thoughts on “See Gun Grabber Michael Bloomberg’s Idaho Office for Yourself!

  1. Greg Swift Reply

    I lived in Boise for 3 years from 2008-2011 after growing up in Washington state my whole life. I forgot about all the freedoms we used to have before Washington turned into a leftist police state.

    I absolutely loved it there. No helmet laws, pro 2nd amendment. I felt like I had some freedoms again that I had long lost in Washington. I ended up coming back to Washington for work, but I can’t wait to get the hell out of here.

    I’ll be down there in Spring to visit my brothers and I’ll be happy to join any protests at this location. God help Boise if any of these gun grabbing traitors get into office. Boise’s already being overrun by everyone leaving California and other states ruined by Democrats. Don’t let it happen!

  2. Mike Kingston Reply

    Thanks to all who braved the snow storm and the short notice for Wednesday’s protest.
    Please keep us posted, Greg, on any positive influence on the legislators.
    200 people on short notice, during a storm is amazing.
    We also need to arrange peaceful protests in front of ‘Little Mikes’ new office, with news coverage. Bloomberg needs to know his money and socialist BS stops in Boise.

  3. Nancy Blau Reply

    Have you checked out the New Way Forward Act? Seriously scary. Supported in the House by Dems. Ignored by the media. Don’t want us to know.

  4. Kathy Reply

    >>Greg Swift: Boise’s already being overrun by everyone leaving California and other states ruined by Democrats.

    I get it about the growth. But let’s not make the mistake (and, to be fair, you may not be…but then again, you may be) of thinking that Californians moving to Idaho are generally leftist. To the contrary, I’d argue the majority are fervent pro-2A constitutional conservatives disgusted with the corrupt, lawless, tyrannical once-golden state. These brothers and sisters have been to the dark side, suffered oppression and see more coming, and they are choosing Idaho intentionally for their love of freedom. I should know because I’m one of them. I was active in CRPA (CA Rifle & Pistol Assn), GOA member, life member NRA, and two days ago started my monthly donation to ISAA. We need to bring all like-minded people into the fold.

    • A real Idahoan Reply

      Kathy Kathy Kathy, you have no idea about the cancerous growth.
      You swarms of left (and east) coasters let;s refer to all of you generically as “Kalis” or P.O.S.Ts (POS Transplants) do not, cannot and will not acknowledge that everyone of you refugees REALLY are the problems that are destroying Idaho.
      No matter what you CLAIM your politics are, your very presence here is destroying this state. Like the locusts you are, what you don’t chew up you destroy by defecating on.
      Idaho is full, full of you and your ilk’s spawn in the over crowded jails, the brimming schools, the congested roads, the hills full of human and pet feces and toilet paper, the sewer plants overflowing when you do use indoor plumbing, and the landfills from your copious trash. And the ever escalating taxes to add more infrastructure to support your decay, Yeah, so what if you think your a “conservative?” You and your kind are not welcome here.
      And by the way, Idahoans were born here. Everyone else is just another POST! Just because someone transports turds (Y’all) into a bowl of punch, does not make you an ice cube or a piece of pineapple. Save Idaho, deport the POSTs!!

    • Kathy Coon Reply

      Welcome Kathy, great name by the way. Just ignore the BFA that act like little keyboard warriors. I bet he’s done his share of shitting in the woods. Or maybe not. We are not refugees, we are Idahoans now. That BFJA doesn’t have the right to withhold that from us. I hope you don’t judge every Idahoan by that behavior. Personally I’ve found our neighbors to be friendly, kind and welcoming. I hope you have the same experience.

  5. Gramma Penny Reply

    Greg, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Born in Montana, been an Idahoan since 1973, so this gun totting Gramma will be voting Republican this year.
    Have voted Demo in the past, but they shot themselves in the foot for this coming up year.
    Bloomberg…. NO WAY!

  6. Roger Rambo Reply

    Mr. “Real Idahoan”

    Do you seriously not realize that all of the real Idahoans whom for generations were born here, were raped and killed by your ancestors? Maybe your house is built on one of their graves. I wonder if they felt the same way you do? Who speaks for them? Who hears their cries? You killed them and deficated on their land. You murdered and raped them and sported their scalps over your fireplace like trophies. And now you dare to call yourself original?

    I’m not sure what your preoccupation with feces is all about, but the grossest most disgusting real life human waste story that I ever heard came from….wait for it….IDAHO!

    That’s right. My daughter in law grew up in a small town in Idaho off of 90. She and her family were raised in a trailer filled with dog crap and fleas with no indoor plumbing.
    They had to draw straws to see which of the children would pull the plastic swimming pool to dump somewhere, out from under the trailer when it got full of feces. Naturally, she hated it as it was impossible to drag the pool without getting splashed.

    So please tell me again who the real scourge to Idaho is? Better speak loudly, so you can drown out the cries of the dead, and the disturbing childhood memories of a “real Idahoan”.

  7. ARI Reply

    Chirped the swarming metastatic cells one to another in a feeble attempt to legitimize and validate themselves and their destruction of an ecosystem. Welcome to Idaho? Not now, not ever!

    Just curious why you assume to know what my ethnicity, gender, and generational history might be. It is so like you Howard Zinn indoctrinated POSTs to “assume” superiority and think you know so it all. Like the proverbial frog brought to boil in luke warm water, you don’t even know that you don’t know.

    Or why you give as an example one of your relatives who was raised by human trash in a filthy environment. Sounds as though your inlaws allowed their northern Idaho domicile to become a reeking open cesspool. Much the same as Rocky Canyon, Jump Creek, Succor Creek, the foothills, the banks of the Boise and Snake rivers, indeed any area infested by your ilk.
    Idahoans were born here, the rest of you are still just carpetbagging, POST interlopers and about as welcome as the doctirnes, deseases and problems you drag with you.

  8. 2aLass Reply

    Said as if anyone can actually take personal credit for where they were born….laughing.

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