Will Gov. Little Veto HB 1 Which Protects In-Person Voting?

Many Idahoans remember the chaos from the primary election earlier this year.

The all mail-in ballot election turned into a nightmare as many Idahoans didn’t get their ballots in time, some received multiple ballots, others received the wrong ballots, and other problems.

Let’s not forget the concern with voter fraud when we discuss mail-in ballots. Many Idahoans don’t want to vote that way again in November but it is uncertain whether or not Gov. Little will shut down polling places again.

Right now Gov. Little has House Bill 1 on his desk, recently passed during the “Special Session” which ensures Idahoans can vote in-person, even during a “state of emergency.”

HB 1 is the only protection Idahoans will have to keep mail-in ballots and prevents any politicians from shutting down your ability to vote in-person.

However, we are hearing that Gov. Little is stalling and may veto your ability to vote at the polls this November.

House Bill 1 will take effect immediately upon the signature of the governor or if he lets the bill “ride” into law without him taking any action. That means that this November you can vote in the polls regardless.

Voting is a sacred right.

When we were in Iraq with the Idaho Army National Guard, citizens walked miles to vote with the threat of death all around them. In fact, some did die just to go and vote.

We need to protect the right to vote in-person and HB 1 will help do that!

You need to contact Governor Little right away and tell him to sign HB 1!

Gov. Little’s contact information is below so please contact him right away before it’s too late.

Phone: 208-334-2100

Email: governor@gov.idaho.gov

You can also use this form here on the governor’s website if you wish.

14 thoughts on “Will Gov. Little Veto HB 1 Which Protects In-Person Voting?

  1. Bill Reply

    Sign HB 1 the people are watching it’s our right to vote how we choose not the government telling us

  2. Minna Ponto Reply

    We want to vote in person please. Remember you represent the people.

  3. JL Reply

    We want the privilege of voting in person. If we can safely go to the grocery store with a mask, we can surely vote in-person!!

  4. Roger Reply

    Let the people make their own choice. If they want to vote in person, that is their right. If they want to vote by mail, that is their choice. Open the polling stations.

  5. Lorry Thompson Reply

    We need to vote in person. I can’t believe anyone would want to take that right away. The people who leave home everyday to grocery shop, see a doctor, and work at their job locations, plus everyone else who wishes to has that right as an American

  6. Bonnie Pick Reply

    If it’s safe to go to Walmart it’s safe to go and vote, sign the bill



  8. Cheryl H. Reply

    Sign HB1.
    This is the people’s right.
    We want to vote in person.
    The delay is shameful.

  9. Jacalyn Noice Reply

    Do not veto HB1. We need to be able to vote in person! It our right! Please do not delay it.

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