Are Californians Going to Turn Idaho “Blue?”


A mere mention of the word in Idaho is likely to evoke some very emotional responses.

Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. For several years now, much of that growth is coming from Californians.

For those of us living in more urban areas, the growth feels out of control. The Idaho we once enjoyed out of the national spotlight has quickly faded.

Other states have felt a similar sting of growth into their urban areas.

Years ago, Oregon and Washington state had similar influxes of Californians into the Portland and Seattle area of their states.

Both of those states are now under full Democrat control.

Is Idaho destined for the same fate?

First, let’s be clear that we can’t stop people from moving to Idaho and we can’t ban them from voting for 10 years after they move here.

Neither is constitutional or even feasible if it were constitutional.

So, if we can’t change who is moving here and we can’t prevent them from voting, how to we keep Idaho free?

Let’s first discuss what the various “camps” of Californians that are moving here.

There is no denying that some of the Californians moving here were priced out of their state. They wanted somewhere cheaper to live.

Idaho offers much cheaper housing than nearly every city in California. Many Californians moving here are paying cash for their Idaho homes.

These people loved the progressive policies of California and will try to do all they can to make Idaho just like California despite California being ruined by those policies.

The majority of Californians moving to Idaho identify themselves as “Republicans. ”These folks are the political refugees who are escaping the radical progressivism that has made California unlivable. From gun control to environmental regulations, to devastating taxes, these people want a better life for themselves and escaped to Idaho.

These people moved here to escape the liberal madness AND are helping Idaho stay “red.”

They know that if they don’t get involved in defending Idaho from progressivism, they’ll end up in the same situation they just left.

These people who move here to escape the liberal madness, but they feel like Idaho is so “red” that they don’t need to be involved.

These folks like some of the big-government ideas from California and want to implement those radical progressive ideas in Idaho.

California is so far to the left that these “conservative” Californians think more like liberal Idahoans than conservative Idahoans.

Of course, you could fit long-time Idahoans into these categories as well.

There is no telling which of these California groups is the largest and we’ll likely never know.

With all these different groups of people in mind though, are Californians going to be to blame if Idaho turns “purple” or “blue?”

Having traveled the state of Idaho and talked with gun owners and other conservatives, I can tell you that no one group of people is the problem.

Yes, some of the categories of Californians mentioned above are going to be an issue.

However, another major issue I have seen from conservatives in Idaho, who were born here or lived here for a long time, is that many believe Idaho is immune from the same fate as California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Virginia.

Many of these Idahoans live in the more rural parts of the state where it is harder for them to feel the effects of growth. Their legislative districts are extremely “red” and therefore they see no need to concern themselves with city, county, or state politics.

This category of people is perhaps more detrimental than any other.

Not only do some of them believe Idaho is immune from progressivism, but they also tell other Idahoans that “all is well” and that concerns about Idaho turning blue are “fearmongering.”

Apathy, as I have written about previously, will be the downfall of Idaho.

We need people to stand up to the progressive movement, no matter what state they are from, including our own.

I know from working at gun shows across the state that Californians are getting involved in the fight to protect gun rights in Idaho.

The number of gun owners joining the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance that are from California almost seems to be outpacing the Idahoans who have lived here for a long time.

We even have a number of Californians who have joined the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and they don’t even live here yet. They are moving to Idaho in the near future but wanted to join the ISAA so they are ready to fight when they come.

Be sure to join up with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today at JOINISAA.COM today!

That isn’t to say that long-time Idahoans aren’t mobilizing in droves to fight back against progressive groups like Reclaim Idaho, but will it be enough?

What all real conservatives in Idaho must be focused on is standing together in the fight for liberty.

We can’t keep bashing one another and expect to defeat the real enemy, progressives.

Whether they are progressive Idahoans or progressive Californians that have just moved here, they are the real enemy of liberty.

If you are a long-time Idahoan, or you just moved here from the “left coast,” get involved!

Join with groups/organizations that are fighting to keep Idaho from becoming the next California.

Understand that not every person running for office with an “R” next to their name is actually a Republican.

Republicans must do better at vetting candidates for office or Democrats will continue to run with an “R” next to their name because you haven’t done your homework on where these candidates really stand on the issues.

Pay attention to your local elections.

Progressives are already taking over cities/towns in Idaho where party declaration isn’t allowed in Idaho.

What has happened in California is already happening in Idaho.

Get off your butt and fight back or we’ll get the government and Idaho we deserve.

24 thoughts on “Are Californians Going to Turn Idaho “Blue?”

  1. Mary Ott Reply

    Born and raised in CA left in 78 and moved to Las Vegas then to Boulder City by Hoover Dam. Left 7 yrs ago and moved to Idaho. The reason is obvious NV was turning blue. People never think they are the problem. They just move and cannot change . it will happen unfortunately. So pay attention and vote.

  2. Kathy knerr Reply

    We are from California and are very conservative. Our gun laws are the reason we are here. Bought our Idaho property 30 years ago. Retired and moved here 2016. We are involved. Very important that the old Idaohans get involved. It is changing??? Help

  3. Glenn Smith Reply

    Time spent researching anyone and everyone running for an office is time well spent. Often a quick internet search will turn up party and or group affiliations that can be indicators of the candidates true focus.
    This does take time and effort, but it can help us avoid voting for the person not in alignment with our views.

  4. JR Taggart Reply

    Native Idahoans need to vote! The main generation I see that says “it will be ok”, is the baby boomer generation, my parents!!!! Vote, get off your asses, your generation screwed up enough sh*t already!!!

  5. Robert C Lambing Reply

    I’m a Native Idahoan of almost 68 years. I’ve never strayed very far but have family in surrounding States. Not ALL Californians are bad. We were fortunate to bring one set of kids out of Sac. and they ARE good for Idaho. Believe me, I will do everything I can afford to do to keep Idaho a decent State to live in. The deck IS stacked against us and we are going to have to be on OUR toes. I and mine support ISAA and are always on alert for outside interference. May GOD continue to Bless and Keep us all.

  6. sue4idaho Reply

    I’m one of those Moderate ex Cali’s you are referring to and I’m very active and verbal about keeping Idaho redder than red. I came here in part because of the conservative political climate. The more leftist the world becomes, the more “right” I swing. Many California refugees are actually hard-core Republicans who are seeking what California once was in it’s conservative heyday. I am hoping that those types of people will far outnumber liberal migration in the future…

  7. Lloyd Bledsoe Reply

    As a long time resident of Idaho, folks move here in 1960, I I have witnessed and fought against what Greg talks about. Complacency! Encourage folks to be involved in EVERY election! If we do not, HOW the large population centers go, so goes the State, that is how Washington and Oregon have been lost. This Year is a chance to tilt areas Red! Keep Idaho Conservative and Free!

    • Vern Spencer Reply

      Very good point, deeper than most, but still only scratching the SURFACE. Plugging holes in the dam that progressives have been rigging with dynamite for 100 years!

      We let them have the children by letting progressives stay in teaching positions, and they have stolen the minds of our children, our parent’s children, and our grandparent’s children. Now it has reached critical mass and I am afraid we have already lost because the foundation of a free society (the majority of minds of the younger generations) is lost to progressivism.

      We need to fight as long and hard as we can, but it is too little, too late. We are screwed.

  8. Barry Reply

    The single biggest problem of all, and yes you touched on it……

    I vote (R).

    These politicians don’t have to do a damn thing for you because you’re still going to vote for them and they know it. And until the voters quit being afraid of a third party, not one damn thing is going to change. Keep voting for the establishment people, and Idaho will be CA North in the next ten years.

    Our current governor is a perfect example!!!

  9. Daniel Cegielski Reply

    Install the Electoral College, don’t let one city rule your whole state.

  10. Clinton McCutcheon Reply

    Anyone who owns a firearm and votes for a democrat is a fool.
    If you can’t see what happened to Virginia in one election you are blind.

  11. Katy Reply

    I plan on moving to northern ID when I have no responsibilities in crazy CA. I red through & through and will continue to be red. I look forward to helping the state keep their ideas and morals red.
    Please don’t hate all Californians were all not crazy. I was born & raised in CA I’m ashamed to say.

  12. Steve Reply

    That Dem that was just became mayor I think in Boise is just the beginning if they don’t put an end to it.

  13. John Snell Reply


    In the same way that the NRA rates candidates, the ISSA should produce a per election rating, particularly focusing on those ‘non-party’ races where it is impossible to tell who to vote for from the ballot alone.

    Of course while you’re at it, a state wide legislative view, and of course national view to round out the ‘report card’ will be very helpful for those of us who have neither the time, contacts, nor inclination to root out all that information on our own.

    You could start simply enough by simply using the candidate’s response (or lack thereof) to the ISSA questionnaire which should be sent to every candidate for every elected office in the state.

    As time goes by, rating incumbents on their actions (votes) either in alignment with their response to the questionnaire, or not, will produce the feedback necessary to drive the election cycle intelligently.

    • Ken De Vries Reply

      The NRA rating system is seriously flawed. They will rate the worst Leftist RINO an A+ even though the candidate is absolutely horrible on everything else. The NRA does conservative no favors with their myopic ratings.

      The ISAA does it right by looking at each candidate in a holistic sense, liberty wise.

  14. Richard Reply

    Moved up here from Alabama – proudly *the most* conservative state in the Union. A little snow and ice don’t bother me any, as long as I can cheerfully make my way to the voting booth.

    That said, I have noticed that there are a lot of RINOs up here with little to no identification and dissemination. Ultimately I think what we need up here, is a “voting authority” who does the vetting, and then just tells the rest of us how to vote. We’re just not on the same sheet of music up here, and the commies seem to be taking advantage of that.

  15. K. Cirrincione Reply

    My husband and I were raised in Meridian Idaho and both grew up with conservative backgrounds with red blooded, gun toting family and friends. I was taken at the age of 12 to a more rural part of the state (Cascade or Valley County Id) where I finished out my high school years. I finally moved back down to Meridian at the age of 19 and was shocked at the growth as well as the liberal ideals that had taken over the city. What was once miles of farm land and ranches had, what seemed over night, turned Into track homes and Starbucks coffee houses. It was saddening to see the once beautiful city shamefully given in to the stereotypical Californian nightmare. As time passed I found myself reflecting back to a time when myself and friends enjoyed kickball and other sports in the streets that were now congested with heavy traffic and overrun with honking horns.. I solemnly thought to myself “my son deserves better then this”. Unfortunately job opportunity is lacking in the more rural parts of the great state and cost of living is expensive so our choices were limited. We found ourselves feeling claustrophobic as the city grew around us. What was once green grass and trees quickly morphed into concrete or more streets as compensation for the fast growing population we had but one choice…To leave the beautiful state we once called home and venture out to find a new piece of dirt to call home. We said goodbye to our friends, family, everything we knew and moved to a foreign state and have finally rid ourselves of that overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia. It should be noted that real conservatives are being pushed out of the state, that’s two less votes, two less patriots, and two less neighbor’s that would gladly loan a cup of sugar to a neighbor in need. This article is on point but I disagree with one thing, Idaho isn’t “becoming” overrun, Idaho IS overrun… Idaho IS “little California.

  16. Lori Reply

    I’m a baby boomer that relocated here a few years ago. A very Conservative Christian Republican that supports less government, better schools and safer communities. I believe in our Constitution and Bill of rights. I fully support the second Amendment and right to bear arms. I’m against censorship and fully support out first Amendment Rights to free speech. Others special interest groups rights cannot step on or infringe on my rights as a free citizen. I also believe socialism and indoctrination is alive here in our public school systems. Education must be improved and socialist agendas removed. Our communities and neighborhoods must be safe with a stronger and better use of police, sheriff, EMS and fire protection. With the growth services are not close to keeping up.
    Since moving here, I’ve been dismayed and disappointed by voters who don’t see all of these issues locally. Start by voting. Do your homework and vote. However, vote and support those whom you can trust. Is your candidate of good character? Does he or she have honesty, integrity, morals and a strong desire to keep Idaho RED? Does your school district candidate have a desire to stop hidden socialist agendas. Will they hire better teachers, have better curriculum and standards over common core? Will your candidate support our Republic, Constitution and Bill of Rights? All of them? Until you support what’s best for your family, neighbors and State, liberals may be quietly working to undo what’s in place. I’ve called dishonest candidates and groups out in the past couple of years. Yet, have had little support from fellow Republicans. If you don’t act, the liberals will take over. They are a cancer to Idaho’s way of life.

  17. Jeff Wright Reply


    You’ve touched precisely on several of the important issues surrounding new arrivals from out-of-state, anywhere. As you know, I’ve been repelled by all the bad-mouthing of the influx when it takes the general guise of, “They ain’t from around here!” I’ve also seen the downside of such things as “party vetting,” when it’s used as a weapon by some Republicans to attack other Republicans as “Democrats” or “RINOs” when they’re really neither but are just personally disliked or hated by those doing the attacking.

    It’s really time for everybody to stop using labeling trying to portray where People migrate from as some general means to assess what kind of an Idahoan they either ‘are’ or will be. When they arrive here to stay, regardless of where they came from, their ethnicity or otherwise, they’re Idahoans. It’s our job to help them understand who and what being an actual Idahoan means, different from wherever they came from. Trying to label them, “the other” goes nowhere but downhill. I’ve found there are as many multi-generational Idaho residents who are not really for freedom and liberty, the Constitution(s) or the Principles of the Declaration as any newcomers.

    The problem we have is with how to educate our citizens to be ‘real’ Idahoans and contributing, committed Constitutionalists of both the state and federal constitutions, instead of ideologues for any particular Party. I view the history, traditions and culture of Idaho as much more important than contemporary Party and ideological labeling.

  18. Lewis ward Reply

    Im a 3rd generation conservative native Idahoan, who is extremely concerned about the influx of ” progressives.” The old saying ‘turn your clock back 25 years, you’re in Idaho,’ is now ‘welcome to the open west.’
    Most of my family still lives there, and will resist progressives. However, there are many whom I grew up with, that have fallen into the sewage pit of liberalism. I’m now a 20 year resident of Az. I see the same invasion here. We now have a communist US Senator, and rino, for the other, along with a rino governor hell bent on passing red flag laws. I love my home state, and pray, it will never surrcome to COMMUNISTS!

  19. Lucy Cerra Reply

    Look at Post Falls, Rathdrum, Hayden, Sandpoint and there’s your answer. Huge influx of Californians buying up homes, driving up property taxes, bringing in their trendy creature comfort Starbucks, Quidoba’s, Panera Breads, and micro-breweries. Running out the family owned grocery store in Rathdrum because they couldn’t wait in line, or they didn’t carry enough specialty items, I don’t know…they couldn’t compete with the Super 1.
    Bringing “tolerance”, “inclusivity”, “diversity”, and “robust” public shaming to make local folks feel as if they are horrible people. Conservatives who walk that line like a drunkard…wavering back and forth with slightly occasional liberal tendencies and votes. Our state may turn like Virginia did only because of the concentrations or pockets of liberals. That’s your issue. I used to live in Sagle, and watched Sandpoint degenerate in just a few short years. Kootenai County is fairing no better.
    I was born and raised in California…lived all over that state trying to find where I fit in…never did. I’ve lived in Michigan, Washington and Nevada. I’m pushing 60, so I saw the changes in California and all the other states I’ve lived in. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on. Most people from California are so arrogant they don’t see that what they are doing HERE is the same exact reason they left that wasteful state. As long as they get theirs…and young ones who were born and raised here won’t be able to afford a home…well that’s all right…they can rent a spiffy Agenda 21 apartment for a ludicrous amount of money each month, as their American Dream slips away. And if Californian’s get upset by what I’ve said? Suck it up and walk it off. Stop expecting a trophy at every turn, and learn some accountability.

  20. kevin g Wallis Reply

    its sad that people think that the ones moving are trying to make it the same as california. Its just a lame excuse to try to put blame on others. the ones moving dont want the life that they are leaving behind and sure dont want to change the place they are moving to to be what they left. by the same token, the ones that like it sure as hell dont want to leave the state. I could debunk a lot of the things they are blamed for but i hate typing. Ill list one. “they are raising the housing prices! the solution is if your house that you are selling is only worth 150,000, then dont accept a penny more then that. that way the property values stay the same. By the way, housing prices are up eveywhere, and its not from people moving in. There is a thing called inflation and supply and demand. Im guessing all the adults have kids that have moved away from home and have or are buying a house? well that makes housing prices go up too, but lets blame californians instead, it makes us feel better. Dont get me wrong, i hate all big cities and how they control the whole state, but the people that want to leave dont want that kind of life.

  21. OldfordGuy Reply

    i am a born and raised kid from california now 61 years old. when i was young guns were common and not frowned on. Most of California was Very RED. people from the East coat moved to california in Droves…it WAS the best state in the Liberal transplants have destroyed the state with Liberal Voting. Most of my family has been driven out of California and landed in Idaho..California has become a Liberal Crap hole. I will be joining my family in about a year or so in idaho. It sickens me when i visit idaho and read the forums to see Born and raised Idahoians that have been brainwashed in school and are now Liberal. My family and i are MOre RED MOre conservative than most Born and raised from Idaho. I hope the liberals are kept at bay…We see people from Idaho blaming us from california for rising home prices..WAKE UP we do not come with a sign on our back saying RAISE your home price Ill buy it no matter what!! we have no choice but to pay the Higher home value..we are FLEEING liberal california and Idaho jacked the prices up Not people from california. People in Idaho need to wake up and Vote red might be upset with your governor…but voting Blue will DESTROY idaho!!!!

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