Meridian Republican Candidate Gun Survey Answers Shocking!

It’s election season across the country.

Candidates are coming out of the woodwork to run for state legislative offices.

During this time, surveys are sent out from various organizations to see where these candidates stand on the issues.

Wendy Webb is running for State Senator in Idaho’s 21st District as a Republican.

She is challenging current Republican State Senator Regina Bayer. Senator Bayer has been a stalwart defender of the 2nd Amendment and answered the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance survey with 100% pro-2nd Amendment answers.

Sadly, when Wendy received and returned the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance candidate survey, she answered it with all anti-gun answers!

Yes, you heard that correctly. Every single answer was anti-gun.

Did Wendy Webb forget what state she was running in and what party she was campaigning with?

So, what did Wendy Webb say on her survey?

She opposes strengthening Idaho’s right to keep and bear arms in Article 1 Section 11.

Additionally, she opposes stopping gun control ballot initiatives. She supports “Universal Background Checks,” supports banning standard capacity magazines, and opposes strengthening Idaho’s firearm preemption statute.

But wait, there’s more!

Wendy Webb also opposes strengthening Idaho’s Campus Carry law and opposes strengthening Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground law.

Finally, and perhaps the scariest answer on Wendy’s survey is her support for Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders.

Red Flag laws are overwhelmingly opposed by most gun owners for the numerous constitutional violations they contain.

Sadly, Wendy Webb doesn’t oppose them.

The survey answers don’t reflect what most Republicans would want in an elected official. Rather, they look like someone who Moms Demand Action handpicked to run in the race.

You have to wonder, are there more “Republicans” running for office in Idaho that feel the same way as Wendy Webb but just refuse to answer the surveys?

Over the years we have seen Republicans turn their backs on gun owners.

In Congress, Senators Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham are also pushing Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders.

State Republican legislators in Florida, Indiana, Virginia and other “Red” states have also turned on gun owners.

However, every single one of them will tell you they support the 2nd Amendment.

Even Wendy Webb in her email to us wrote, “I really have no desires or initiatives to attack gun rights in the state of Idaho. I believe in responsible gun ownership.”

Well, that’s really comforting.

What this really means is that if the opportunity arises for Wendy Webb to attack gun rights, she’ll jump at it.

In the 2020 Idaho Republican primary election, voters in District 21 will have a choice to make.

Do you want Regina Bayer who has voted pro-2nd Amendment and answered the survey with 100% pro-2nd Amendment answers?

Or will voters to choose a candidate who would make Michael Bloomberg and his gun-grabbing cronies from Moms Demand Action proud?

You can see Wendy Webb’s survey below.

19 thoughts on “Meridian Republican Candidate Gun Survey Answers Shocking!

  1. Mark Watts Reply

    Everyone has a right to their opinion no matter how stupid it is. And we as voters in this state have the right to never ever let her near and governing body in our state.

  2. Chad S Reply

    While it’s true everyone has the right to believe whatever it is they want to believe, and we voters have the choice to vote for the candidate we want, those running as Republicans need to be aligned solidly with the party’s principles. Seems Wendy Webb may be more at home running as a Democrat?!

    • Brandon Hill Reply

      Wendy Webb has always supported conservative republican values and candidates. Your assertion is false and preposterous.

  3. William Rugh Reply

    We have a choice to protect our rights and that choice is at the ballot box. Thank you Greg, please keep us patriot informed of the candidates willing to take those rights from us.

  4. Bonnie Carter Reply

    Thank you Greg. As always, Regina Bayer is and has been my choice for D. 21 Senator.

  5. Steve Pelsma Reply

    maybe she didnt read the synopsis’ of each question? oh boy…

  6. Jim Reply

    If we gun owners vote based on our beliefs and the constitution these politicians and wannabes will have no power. Thanks for showing us that Republican doesn’t mean progun.

    • Brandon Hill Reply

      Wendy Webb supports second amendment gun ownership rights. Do not try to twist her words and positions.

  7. Mike Reply

    While Wendy is entitled to her opinion, she might as well run as a democrat with views like that. If she doesn’t understand this basic freedom embraced by Republicans, what other of her views are not in line with the party she wants to run under.

    I will be supporting Regina Bayer

    • Brandon Hill Reply

      Wendy’s position on protecting 2nd amendment gun rights are in line with the mainstream Republican Party. She may not be a far right wing radical like Greg Pruitt would prefer but she is far from liberal and a Centris Republican.

  8. Brian Reply

    Wendy Webb – Should return to where she came from. Our great state has successfully allowed ‘choice’ to rule our actions and judicial process and has not followed the path of restrictions and liberal nonsense. People are flooding into our state to rid themselves of tyranny of this sort.
    Defeat will be in the hands of voters – let’s show her the way out and keep our great state, one of strong values and Independent ‘choice’ .

    • Brett Hill Reply

      Wendy Webb grew up in Nampa Idaho. Her mother grew up in Declo Idaho. Her Father grew up in Driggs Idaho. Her husband grew up in Marsing Idaho, who also served 20 years in the US Air Force. You don’t get much more Idahoan than Wendy!

      She is a 2nd amendment supporter and would fight for the rights the 2nd amendments guarantees us. She does believe the 2nd amendment was provided as a way for us to protect our liberties. How do I know where Wendy really stands on this issue? I am her brother and I actually talk to her about the issues. I also conceal carry everyday and so do most of my friends.

      Wendy is new to answering these types of decisive survey’s. She was a bit skeptical about this survey and was not sure who she was answering this survey for. She is not one to blindly agree to anything and feels that Idaho has done a great job upholding the 2nd amendment. She does feel that there are many bad actors trying to take away these rights and that we need to stand up strong to protect these rights.

      There are many reasons good conservative people don’t run for office. The tone of your responses are a prime example!

      The truth shall set us free! One of Wendy’s greatest values is she is a seeker of truth. Give her the truth and she will fight for it. Wendy has learned a pretty valuable lesson from your responses. She has also learned a lot more about gun rights issues. I believe she would stand strong with her fellow conservatives on upholding our 2nd amendment rights.

    • Brandon Hill Reply

      Wendy Webb was born and raised in Idaho you ignoramus! In fact, she is a 4th generation Idahoan! Her only time away from Idaho was in support of her career military husband who was serving this Country. Stop spreading fake news and lies. Wendy embraces and supports second amendment gun ownership!

    • Brandon Hill Reply

      You’re only STUPID if you believe Gregg Pruetts’ lies about Wendy Webb and her position on 2nd amendment constitutional rights. Wendy Webb does and has always supported second amendment rights. She may not be a puppet of right wing extremists, but her mainstream conservative republican positions are anything but stupid or out of line with the Republican Party.

  9. Kelly cushman Reply

    You have me this time Gregg
    She,s a nightmare

    She needs to be removed from any position of authority.
    No Idaho native should support Any legislator who swears an oath
    To preserve and protect the people’s rights and then spits on the constitution.

    • Brandon Hill Reply

      This comment is ridiculous. If you had any real clue about who Wendy Webb is and what she stands for, including preservation of second amendment rights, you would not have made this comment. Get your facts straight.

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