Idaho’s Gun Owners Protest at Bloomberg’s Boise Office!

If there is one thing Idahoans don’t’ tolerate very well, it’s gun control.

In Idaho politics, a strong stance in favor of gun control is usually the death of your political ambitions.

On gun control, there is no bigger threat to the 2nd Amendment than billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

When news broke that Bloomberg was setting up shop in Boise, I knew gun owners would not be happy.

I shot a video in front of Bloomberg’s office, showing Idahoans that he really did set up shop in Idaho. Afterward, a number of gun owners asked if I would be willing to hold a peaceful protest in front of Bloomberg’s office.

So, earlier today (2/15/2020) over 300 gun owners and conservatives held a peaceful protest in front of Bloomberg’s Boise office.

Over 300 gun owners protest Bloomberg!

We wanted to let him know that his gun-grabbing agenda is not welcome in Idaho!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, Idaho MAGA Girls, and other Idahoans came together to let the gun control crowd know we are here to protect Idaho.

Gun owners across the country better be aware that Michael Bloomberg has a good chance of being the nominee for the Democrat Party.

He is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the nomination. He plans to spend much more.

While many of the candidates have a “ground game” in the first four primary states, Bloomberg has established offices in 40 states!

He may be the only one that can really give Trump a run for his money.

Bernie, Biden, Warren, and the others are faltering and their socialist agendas will be a problem for Democrats in 2020.

But no one will mobilize gun owners more than Michael Bloomberg being the Democrat nominee.

He’s been fighting against the ISAA for years now. He tried to stop Constitutional Carry in 2016.

His commie mommies from Moms Demand Action have tried to stop all of the pro-gun legislation we have fought for.

How long before Bloomberg starts dropping real money into Idaho?

That’s why I was honored to stand with fellow Idahoans today to peacefully protest gun-grabbing Bloomberg and his radical agenda.

38 thoughts on “Idaho’s Gun Owners Protest at Bloomberg’s Boise Office!

  1. Keith Beshears Reply

    Thanks for holding this rally. First rally I’ve ever attended and believe it will not be my last. I have been writing my legislatures and yes I have and will continue to support our movement financially.

    • Neal Reply

      I got a robo call from his campaign the other day. Before I could finish telling him I wouldn’t vote for that gun grabber if he were the only one running, they hung up.

    • Ben Reply

      Thank you fellow Idahoans, stop this commie!!!! I wish I hadn’t been working to join.

  2. Jeb hardy Reply

    My wife and I, had a great time, being around like minded folks, willing to stand and fight, against people who want to destroy this country and it’s constitution. Thank you for holding this. Looking forward to supporting you, in this fight.

  3. Sean Post Reply

    Awesome job! Mini milk crate Mike and ANY anti gun control spewing politicians have NO PLACE in Idaho!

  4. Phil Hansen Reply

    I’m certainly glad you all took the time to protest Mini Mike, I hope he gets the idea he isn’t needed in Idaho, we are perfectly capable of making our own decisions. Would liked to have been there. Looking forward to you in this battle. Thanks!!

    • Shane B. Reply

      Currently watching the liberal demonRATS in their debate and what a useless bunch of tool bags! Cannot wait for Trump to take on whomever the nominee is and hopefully it’s Commie Bernie so we the people can put to rest the idea of socialism in this great country of ours!

  5. Steven Feil Reply

    The 300 number was at or about 11:30 when I did the estimated count. There were still people showing up as I left to take my wife to her appointment at WINCO! Haha. My guess is the number would have been closer to 400 at or about 12:00.

  6. Bob Taylor Reply

    Great to see you take a stand for all of us today . Wish I could have been there. Carry on .

  7. Debbie Overman Reply

    I am sorry I could not be there! I have written my legislators, and will continue to do so. Bloomberg must be stopped before he and the other members of the Deep State take over America on their rampage to create a Communist One World Government. Since Trump is still in office, the plan by the Dems is to take each state from within. Here is a link to an important documentary called: Rocky Mountain Heist:

  8. Dennis Frisby Reply

    A great turnout for a fairly short-notice event!!! Good to see some familiar faces, meet some truly great people and congratulations to the event’s two speakers for telling it like it is where Bloomberg and some of our own ‘representatives’ are concerned about gun issues!!! Looking forward to the next rally I can attend!!!

  9. Carla Thornton Reply

    I wish I could have been there, but I’m glad all of you were. We cannot let communist Mike buy Idaho!

  10. Patti G Reply

    Great work! We want to know how to get involved. Will look for future events to state open carry. Trump 2020♥️

  11. Gary Lee Reply

    Great turn out Greg. I’m really glad to have been there to experience it!!! Keep up the good work.

  12. Joan E Trabucco Reply

    Thank you all for being there to support our gun rights in Idaho. I wish I could have made the 10 hour drive to be there. Lets keep up the good fight and keep Idaho RED.

  13. Gery Reply

    I see signs on the side of the road for mini Mike here in Wilmington,NC and it just makes me sick

  14. Don Reply

    The gun grabbers do not care about peaceful protest. Its the seriously violent crazy ones they understand look at virginia. The peaceful protest did nothing. They will take all guns away with violence and killing innocent americans who dont comply. Media smear calling you a terrorist. Justifying it to everyone.

  15. Sandra L Wicker Reply

    I noticed KBOI is in the close vicinity of his office too, free coverage every time he moves when he’s around!

  16. Barnett Schaffer Reply

    We would like to keep Idaho the way she is no more
    Bloomberg policy. We do not want Virginia policy’s here. We all raise our children with the knowledge of guns and there purpose for survival and everyday use, hopeful they never have to use them for protection but they should be prepared for it.

  17. Kathy A Reply

    Bloomberg is now also exposed as a disgusting, blatant sexist, racist, anti-farmer elitist. Makes President Trump look like a choir boy. Harp on this. Do not let it go. Awful, awful, awful human being.

    Sexist Bloomberg

    Racist and anti-2A Bloomberg

    Farmers are stupid neanderthals Bloomberg

  18. Ric Reply

    I am trying find a place to live so I can return to Idaho my true home. I want to stop the Second Amendment destroyers and I was very pleased to see the turnout to support rights of honest citizens and keep Idaho strong.

  19. Susan Elizabeth Clemons Reply

    For every one person attending this rally, there are tens of thousands of other law abiding gun owners who stand with them in spirit. Mini Mike will always have his armed guards while at the same time wanting to take away YOUR right to defend yourself.

  20. Thos. Reply

    It is your State Officials allowed Bloomberg to buy into Idaho. We cannot stop them with our unresponsive government. It has been in their hands for quite some time and the misuse of our laws have allowed, in many locations, the confiscation of guns to begin taking place. Peacefull protest has started the decline of the Republic. The enemy will continue to close in until it is over.

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