Republicans Should Have Forced Pelosi Into a Corner!

The entire country is talking about a massive spending package just passed by Congress and signed by President Trump into law.

Sadly, the bill has over $2.2 trillion in immediate “stimulus” spending with a cap of $6 trillion.

Did you hear that America? We just passed a spending bill that could cost upwards of $6 trillion!

Sadly, no one seems to care about our massive spending problem.

In my opinion, Republicans did not make good strategic moves during the negotiations.

So, what should the Republicans have done?

First, as a country, we should never let a crisis force us into voting on something “as quickly as possible” simply because we need to spend money.

Many bad bills have been passed over time under the guise of “emergencies” and this is when liberties are lost.

The Republicans let the urgency of the situation sign off on a bill with massive amounts of pork in it.

Yes, Pelosi wanted far more pork but both parties are equally terrible at allowing it to be added into bills.

The best play for Republicans would have been to force Pelosi to hold a good bill hostage.

What the Senate Republicans should have done was write a bill that contained zero pork. They should have had a bill that only dealt with direct issues related to the coronavirus.

Then make sure the President is on board with that plan.

Next, send the bill to Pelosi.

Is she going to hold the bill? Probably.

However, the President has the ear of the entire country.

The President and Mitch McConnell then appear before the press every single day with a message that Pelosi is blocking aid.

“Dear Americans, we have a stimulus package ready to go. The bill doesn’t contain anything that doesn’t deal with the Chinese Coronavirus. We can pass this bill now but Pelosi refuses to help the American people.”

Do that every single day for as long as it takes her to cave.

However, in the urgency of the situation, the Republicans basically let her dictate what was going to happen.

Sure, they didn’t give her the giant pork-packed bill but they caved to a massive amount of spending that has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Additionally, they allowed the vote to take place without any accountability. 

Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky.

This is where Congressman Massie should be praised because he tried to make everyone accountable to the vote.

No, he wasn’t trying to delay the package and even if he was, he should be commended for forcing Congress to put their names on the biggest spending bill in American history.


But it didn’t have to be this way.

Republicans could have forced Pelosi into submission.

Could that have taken several weeks longer? Yes. Probably.

However, the damage done by this spending bill will be far worse than waiting several more weeks to pass a bill that has far less spending with it. 

I also want to note that there were no spending cuts attached to any of the spending bills.  We have no way to pay for this $6 trillion spending bill.

Our children and grandchildren are going to pay for this monstrosity in ways we can’t even imagine.

And unfortunately, I see no effort by either party to get the spending under control.

Just weeks ago the Republican Party was mocking Elizabeth Warren for her absurd $30 trillion spending plan over the next 10 years.

Now, just a few weeks later, Republicans helped pass a bill that could cost $6 trillion in only a few months.

As a country, we have to be better than this.

3 thoughts on “Republicans Should Have Forced Pelosi Into a Corner!

  1. Roberta Ballard Reply

    Would like to read the care act bill that actually got signed but can’t seem to find it. Have you seen it and can you help me find it

  2. Tim Buller Reply

    I was happy to read this and know that somebody else felt the same way I did. I don’t know why the Republicans are such big sissies they’re nothing but a bunch of girls. How could they allow Pelosi to pull this BS on them I just don’t understand. And my President Trump, I am so ashamed of him. How in the hell could you sign that with all that pork in it. You said it best Trump had the microphone and the whole world listening everyday, he could have put Pelosi in a box and ship their back to California. Well my president you didn’t win that one did you? You lost your ass and gave it to that old witch that needs to go home and retire.

  3. Rick Rund Reply

    ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that the pelosi portion should have seen the light of day. Yes, everyday or even twice a day there sould have been a news confetence informing voters of the progress or lack thereof. Also to see if the msm would even air it.
    I sent Rep Massie a tweet thanking him.

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