Should We Strengthen Idaho’s Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms? (Article 1 Section 11)

I have spoken at length for several years about the need for Idaho to prepare for the progressive onslaught.

We are seeing the beginnings of the radical progressive movement in Idaho right now.

Reclaim Idaho and other groups want to turn Idaho “blue.” Rich leftists and groups like Reclaim have flipped other states, like Colorado, to progressive strongholds.

If we are to save Idaho, I believe that we must think outside the box to prevent a similar fate.

The game has changed, and we must adapt our strategy accordingly.

Idaho has some of the best pro-2nd Amendment laws in the country. Guns and Ammo have us ranked at #2 in the country!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is working on a number of bills to help clean up unresolved issues.

For instance, we are trying to strengthen our Firearm Preemption and Stand-Your-Ground law.

Additionally, Idaho needs a better Campus Carry law and a cleanup of our concealed carry code.

Idaho is a great place to live if you are a gun owner who enjoys the 2nd Amendment.

However, if we sit back and watch Idaho turn blue, we are destined to be in the same place as other states who have fallen.

California, Oregon, and Washington are all controlled by Democrats. These states used to be “red” or places where gun rights were left untouched.

Sadly, the attacks on gun rights in these states are in full force.

People like Michael Bloomberg have unleashed their wallets to buy these states off. Subsequently, after they buy these states off, they ram gun control on the population.

So, the question is, how does Idaho prevent a similar fate?

Sure, we could sit back and hope that a Democrat-controlled Idaho would be different. But I know from direct conversations with Idaho legislators that some of them want much stricter gun control here.

I believe that Idaho needs to strengthen its constitutional state “right to keep and bear arms” provision to make gun control nearly impossible. 

If you have not yet read it, click here to read Article 1 Section 11 of Idaho’s constitution regarding the right to keep and bear arms.

In my opinion, the best way we can preserve Idaho’s status as one of the best states for gun owners is to strengthen this provision.

Some are going to argue that constitutional amendments should be rare.

I agree, in theory, and it’s been quite a while since any changes have been made to this section.

However, we also have to understand that the radical left doesn’t care about this section of our state constitution. They are going to do everything they can to destroy our gun rights if they turn Idaho blue.

So, we can either “hope” that they don’t do it when they take over, or we can act now, while we have the numbers in the legislature to strengthen it.

To understand the need for this change, we don’t need to look any further than the state of Virginia.

When the Democrats took over Virginia in November of 2019, they made it clear that decimating the 2nd Amendment was a top priority.

Sadly, when the legislative session started they wasted little time in ramming gun control through.

While some provisions were defeated, other dangerous provisions, such as red flag gun confiscation orders are moving right along.

So, any pro-2nd Amendment law passed previously when Virginia was “red,” is going to be undone in just one legislative session.

Some people may cite the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as sufficient protection for gun rights.

How is that working out for us so far? Unfortunately, not very well. There is an absurd amount of infringements being implemented right now in Idaho and across the country.

The courts are not helping either and seem to be one of the primary culprits in the 2nd Amendment’s demise.

The U.S. Supreme Court has essentially refused to do its job of interpreting the 2nd Amendment correctly.

Even Justice Scalia undermined the fight for the 2nd Amendment by saying “reasonable restrictions” were okay.

We can’t rely on the courts to do the right thing because history has shown us that they won’t.

So, if courts are ignoring the 2nd Amendment, why bother updating Idaho’s “right to keep and bear arms” constitutional provision?

Generally speaking, the state’s constitutional provisions are much more strictly followed by the legislature.

The U.S. Constitution, after all, was meant to tell the federal government how to operate and to tell it what it can and can’t do.

The Idaho constitution is a guide on what our state government can and can’t do.

If we want to protect our right to keep and bear arms, we must change Article 1 Section 11 to prevent infringements.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will be working on an amendment this summer to do just that!

Why not change Article 1 Section 11 to more specifically prevent Red Flag laws?

Why not change it so that the banning of specific types of firearms and magazine capacity can’t be banned?

There are a number of other provisions that could also be added to prevent attacks on our gun rights should Idaho turn blue.

In theory, passing such an amendment should be easy. After all, the legislature is 80% Republican so passage should be easy right?

All of Idaho’s legislators tell you they are pro-2nd Amendment on the campaign trail, so this is a slam dunk right?

Sadly, there are some “Republican” lawmakers who will most certainly balk at this idea because they believe Idaho is fine.

Some of them believe Idaho will never change to Democrat control.

The people in Colorado, Nevada, and Virginia all thought the same thing.

Is that a risk we are willing to take in Idaho? Do we just assume that Idaho will always be conservative?

I prefer to be proactive in stopping the radical progressive movement already underway in Idaho.

Sitting back and hoping that Idaho won’t flip isn’t a good strategy. It’s a sure path to defeat.

So, what do Idaho’s gun owners think about this idea?

We conducted an online poll recently and asked Idaho’s conservatives if they support an amendment to Article 1 Section 11.

To date, 97% of respondents, out of 1,600, say they want the change to happen!

While not a scientific poll, there is definitely a desire by Idaho’s gun owners to make changes to our state constitution.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will be touring the state once again to discuss an amendment to Article 1 Section 11 this year. 

If you are interested in us coming to your town, please message me and let me know.  There is a “Contact” tab at the top of the page here to reach me for a potential stop in your town!

We ask that if you are interested in having the ISAA come to your town, that you set up the location and work hard to fill the room with attendees.

The ISAA will cover any feels for venue reservations.

It’s imperative that we reach as many gun owners as possible. It’ll take all of us speaking out to pressure our lawmakers into this change.

I’m happy to stand with you to make it happen.



4 thoughts on “Should We Strengthen Idaho’s Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms? (Article 1 Section 11)

  1. Bobbie Piety Reply

    YES! The 2nd Amendment clearly states that our rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, yet this is what the politicians are incessantly doing, incrementally banning firearms. I understand why– when you’re the boss, you want all the power and don’t want underlings able to challenge you. BUT, that’s now how it works. The Constitution clearly denies government ANY control over our firearms, and these incremental restrictions, bans, hoop jumping, licenses, background checks, permit, etc are illegal. Moreover, it is our DUTY to defy unconstitutional laws. So, I am all for Idaho asserting itself to be a 2A sanctuary and keeping within the rule of our Constitution.

  2. Sean P Reply

    Yes, every chance you get. Since the courts fail at supporting 2A rights in many cases there needs to be additional deterrence for the legislature and the governor. Make it a crime to propose, vote for, our sign any legislation that knowingly violates any part of the constitution. This would hold the elected government accountable with prison time and removal from office for violations of their oath of office.

  3. Michael Cupp Reply

    Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution they feel it’s a living document and that it can be applied to their own definition of law and then you add liberal judges to define a law by their own definition to which it goes against the law or Amendments. I wish all the luck passing this Amendment in Indiana they not only passed the Red Flag Law but they also have Universal Background check plus it costs about $185.00 to get a concealed carry permit, I also might add they go back 35 years on the background check. Keep in mind Indiana is a Conservative State but it was the Republican legislature that allowed these illegal laws to be passed.

  4. Kenee Ross Reply

    Yes , as soon as our guns are taken away we become submissive people under the thumb of our ever over growing government, and forced to do their will… By the same guns they want to take from us

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