Stop Begging for Another Civil War!

From November 2004 to November of 2005 I served in Iraq with the Idaho Army National Guard. 

Iraq was an awful place but one of the most memorable and gratifying experiences I have ever had.

I got to see firsthand the results of tyranny and what civil war will do to a country. It made me grateful for the blessings I had in America and grateful that I got to be somewhere that I could help people who were in need beyond anything you can possibly imagine. 

Now, fast forward nearly 17 years from the time I was in Iraq, and I see way too many Americans itching for a civil war in this country.

While some people may disagree with me, I sincerely hope and pray that we will do everything we can to avoid such an event, even if necessary, for the results of such an event will be unpleasant in so many ways.

I am seeing far too many gun owners who are just giving up on doing anything political to try and prevent what may be an inevitability. 

Perhaps we are headed toward another civil war and perhaps anything we do now can’t stop what may ultimately come. That does not mean that you get to stick your head in the sand and do nothing to try and help stop it.

I am seeing far too many people who think that war is the only answer that is left and they aren’t going to be involved in doing anything else. Here are some of the comments or emails I get in recent days:

“Why don’t you stop talking and just start shooting?” 

“This political stuff is a waste of time. Let the bullets start flying!” 

“Let’s get this war kicked off already so we can get it over with.”

Of course, you won’t see any of these people leading an army or kicking of the next civil war. They prefer to only get involved after things have already begun. 

Too many Americans are just giving up on ensuring that we do everything in our power to keep peace and use all political means to do so.

Sadly, some of these people don’t care and they just want a war because they think it will solve everything.

Do Americans asking for another civil war have any idea what they are really asking for?

I sincerely hope that none of my brothers in arms are in the camp of wanting to have a war in America. We all know how ugly such a war will be.

Sure, the conservative side certainly has the firearms to make a potential victory more probable. With many veterans likely leaning to the conservative side as well, that would also help a potential victory in a war more likely. 

However, war never goes how you plan it. 

Don’t forget that in the American Revolution, God had a major hand in ensuring this country would be free. Many miracles took place and without those miracles, this country would not be here today.

That isn’t to say that God would not provide the miracles necessary again if necessary but seeking war just because you are tired of doing things politically isn’t going to help our cause with God.

The hard reality that some of these people wanting war don’t think about or don’t care about is that war is going to kill a lot of people. A civil war will always be worse than a conventional war between two countries and could last a very long time. Your family, friends, kids, brothers, sisters, and a lot of people you know are going to end up getting killed.

There is no happy ending in war and there is no guarantee that what comes out of another American civil war will be something better than what we have now or a return to a more limited government.

It’s possible that after another civil war, even with a victory, we may end up with some militarized government that refuses to give up power or hold elections.

George Washington, though not perfect, was an incredible man who gave up his power after the war. The man could have made himself a king and ruled for many years.

Washington refused and was basically pressured into running for President of the United States.

Do we even have people in this country that would give up their power after a brutal and deadly war? I’m not sure we do in this day and age.

Wars create vacuums and I have serious concerns about who would take over after a civil war takes place but that doesn’t seem to be something people itching for war even think about.

In my opinion, this is not the time to give up trying. If you want to sit around and do nothing that is fine. That is your choice as an American. 

But please don’t criticize those of us trying to prevent a war and doing everything we can to restore liberty and get America to a much better place.

Everything we are doing right now may seem like a lost cause. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before a war does happen.

However, war should always be the last option.

I’m not sure how the country can heal and come together right now because the divide is so incredibly wide. I don’t know that it’s even possible anymore because the ideologies of the country are widely different.

But I sincerely believe that God expects us to do everything in our power to avoid war. That’s exactly what I am trying to do and have been for years in protecting our right to keep and bear arms and doing everything I can to fight for liberty in other ways.

I implore those of you asking for a war to rethink your motives and to help those of us on the political front lines continue our efforts. 

And if war does come, may God have mercy on us all.


13 thoughts on “Stop Begging for Another Civil War!

  1. Neil Reply

    We have tried. We spent the last four years supporting a president that was being bashed from every angle. We still voted for him in record numbers.
    The election looked as if it was rigged with evidence that wasn’t looked at by the courts.
    What else if left to do? The course of this country is looking worse every day as our new leaders are looking to damage our country even further.

    • Raymond Matthews Reply

      Send me all of the information needed. What can we do to legally have radical members of congress removed from office etc

  2. Robert Reply

    We must make every effort to solve this within the peaceful limits of the political arena. We need to be vocal and organized. This means joining peaceful organizations seeking to educate and change the minds of those who mean willfully or otherwise tear appart our republic.
    I too am a veteran, and while I did not as an aircraft maintainer in the air force see the upclose results of civil war and rebelion in places like Ramadi that Gregg Pruett did. I do not relish the thought of having to make Robert E Lee’s choice. As a retired service member I could be called back, if only to try to force what side I am on in the conflict.
    Though things seem to so egregiously violate our rights and freedoms, and the decent from republic to democracy and eventually socialism seems to be accelerating, we have not yet seen our Lexington and Concord.
    I pray that we can find a way to restore our republic without bloodshed.

  3. Rick Smith Reply

    I believe Greg is correct in his discussion about a civil war not being the only way out of our political mess. I have listened to Greg many times and believe in the political approach to our dilemma, in that we have to have a better ground game to compete with the left…if we can’t run for an office from dog catcher on up then we should vet everyone who can run and get behind them to insure they make it into office on the conservative side. I know most conservatives are too busy working and trying to make a living but the left is energetic and is always scheming to take elections away from conservatives by lying and distortion, only by really finding out a candidates true leanings can we trust them and Greg has always said we have to get out and challenge candidates so we will know if they are fake or real. Greg is standing tall getting the word out…listen to him he’s got the answer for Idaho remaining conservative.

  4. WarrenNelsen Reply

    Our elections are rigged. There is no more political course to be taken. We try to organize, they shut it down. We try to protest, they call us domestic terrorists.
    There is no debate. There is no discourse. There are fewer & fewer options available & the left is working to restrict those.
    How long do we wait?
    Until they’ve completely restricted our speech. Made it a hate crime to disagree? Restricted our 2A? Confiscated our firearms? Look at HR127. Its coming.
    If it is a foregone eventuality, is it not more strategic to start now?
    Im not liking the thought either, but we better stand up now before we’re forced to kneel.

  5. Idahoan Reply

    I don’t think anyone wants to harm their fellow Americans. I also don’t believe that we all wish to volunteer to sink together on a socialist ship. Peacefully leaving the Union needs to be discussed. The Constitution is a fairly easily understood document, it was written so most everyone could understand it. We went from “shall not be infringed” to all sorts of federal infringements. There is a method to amending the Constitution, it isn’t by edicts, laws, or mandates. The states would have never ratified the Constitution without the Bill of Rights. It is also clear that the states can resume the own government, recall their delegated authority, or just totally dissolve the federal government. What alarms me is we no longer have regions that share commonalities. The fight for freedom rages at all levels of government. Even in Idaho, we have a high percentage that wish for their own enslavement.

  6. Ronin Reply

    Civil War is not a good thing. It should be avoided at all costs . Reason, because civil wars are very personal and has a high potential for brutality and atrocities. It is not like troops going into a country and over throwing it. It is neighbor against neighbor. Grievances will be repaid by retribution and can turn into blood feuds. At the same time people talking about it don’t have the preparations to support themselves or their families. Read some articles from a guy named Selco about his experience’s in the former Yugoslavia. Not good.

    However, I fear that it is inevitable. We are diametrically opposed and no longer United. The only course of action I see without violence is a separation or a divorce so to speak. We have to exhaust all of our legal actions before anything like this can be contemplated. Texas for example is seriously looking to leave the Union. Why can’t we? At the end of the day, like you I won’t be a slave to these people and will not give up my guns. However, pray for peace because this will not be like a dystopian novel.

  7. JH Reply

    I have to say I unfortunately agree with Ronin. It may be inevitable. There is not much (if any) common ground with the new Left and even the new Right. The lies, corruption and misrepresentation of the people are appalling. Rather than go down the road to violence, it is time to talk about seceding from the US. Its at least time now to start pushing that direction with the legalities of it all. It really is a sad day for America………our children deserve better.

  8. Allan Lybrand Reply

    We have a politician and unionized government employee crime gang destroying this nation from with in. We must note the Tv doesn’t tell us that and we think what the Tv tells us to think and we do what the tv tells us to do . Revolution is what the article should be about not civil war. Follow the money and find the cause of the problem.

  9. Ron Leon Reply

    Civil war? More like a revolution, Civil wars do not end well. All we need is to put in prison the scum of the Earth politician and government employee crime gang . Confiscate their wealth and redistribute it back to the taxpayers they stole it from. How do you morons like the property taxes?

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