Where Do Idaho’s Legislative Candidates Stand on Guns?

Each election cycle the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance sends out surveys to each legislative candidate.

This includes incumbents and challengers.

We also send the survey to every candidate running in each party or those who identify as independent.

Tonight (4-08-2020) is the deadline for candidates to turn their surveys in. 

If you look at the results and do not see your candidate listed, this means they didn’t return the survey to us.

Additionally, if they sent the survey back and didn’t fill out a particular answer, they are noted as “Refused to Answer.”

This year, we have made it so you can filter the results by District, Seat, Party, or Answer. This should help individuals narrow down what they want to see.

We also included the questions themselves so you can compare your own answer against those who wish to represent you!

What does it mean if your candidate did not return the survey?

Generally speaking, a candidate who has not returned the survey has an anti-2nd Amendment answer they don’t want to give.

Usually, rather than risk their potential constituents knowing their anti-gun stance, they just don’t send the survey in. To me, this is usually an indicator of their unwillingness to stand up for their campaign promises to you.

Remember, every single candidate from both major political parties will tell you they are pro-2nd Amendment.

Yet, some of them want even more infringements on your gun rights!

With that in mind, here is the link to the 2020 Idaho Legislative Candidate Survey:


Note: If you are a candidate, please note that we send your survey to the address you listed with the Secretary of State’s Office. You can still turn your survey to us. However, after the deadline, as we begin to compare candidates side by side, you will be listed as “Did Not Answer” or “Refused to Answer.” If you wish to get your survey to us, you can email it initially to president@idahosaa.org but then a hard copy must be sent to 3383 N. 5 Mile Rd. #329, Boise, Idaho 83713.

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  1. STEPHEN NYE Reply

    Can you tell me how the district 27 senator and representatives stand on gun rights please

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