Introducing the Gem State Heist

Years ago, a documentary called “The Rocky Mountain Heist” detailed how liberal groups, politicians, and wealthy activists took over Colorado from Republicans in ten years.

However, this documentary was about what happened AFTER the takeover had already taken place. It was meant to serve as a warning to the rest of the country.

We are now seeing the attempted takeover of Idaho through something I have dubbed “The Gem State Heist.” 

There will be a series of articles that will be released detailing how Idaho is already being taken over. Please read through each of them carefully so you can understand how to fight back and who to fight back against.

Here are the articles that I have released so far:

Part 1: It’s Already Begun Like it Did in Colorado

Part 2: Liberal Groups Mobilize

Part 3: A Warning to Idaho Republicans

Finally, be sure to watch and share our “Preview” video watching the video below:


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Gem State Heist

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  2. Mark Hand Reply

    I listened to an interview today on a local, left-leaning, native station KIYE 88.7 KaKamiah (public broadcasting) about the success the libs recently enjoyed in Kansas. The interviewee (minority whip in Kansas house) boasted that she and her cohorts agreed to do “whatever it takes” to win votes – even deception and misleading messaging. She was completely honest about it. They earned 59% of the votes (and even from many GOPr’s) to defeat the proposed amendment that would have made abortion illegal. She explained how they used “conservative-like” language to paint themselves as a “tea party-like” organization that would appeal to the conservatives – and she acknowledged that they know most of them are uninformed and would just follow the message. They appealed to the culture. It’s the same thing we (in the military) did in Iraq & Afghan. Messaging. Businesses do it every day. Yet Idaho conservatives suck at it. Yes, as a collective, we suck! and I would say even IFF is building up barriers that fragment instead of appealing to the culture (unless their goal is to appeal to a minority culture…?). Conservatives need to get over the bad selves, swallow some pride, and adjust/change tactics. We are losing terrain even though we’ve enjoyed some small victories.

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