The Gem State Heist Part 2: Liberal Groups Mobilize

In Part 1 of the Gem State Heist, I gave you an overview of what that term means derived from what happened in Colorado.

One of the critical components to the downfall of Colorado was well-funded and organized liberal groups becoming involved in the political sphere. Conservatives ignored these groups because they didn’t think they had the power or influence to make a difference.

In Idaho, our apathy is keeping us from understanding the threats that already exist and the types of groups that will flip Idaho into another liberal state if we don’t expose them for who they are and what they are trying to do.

I will name a few of these groups in this article and briefly show you who they are or what their goals are in fighting against the conservative movement in Idaho. 

Group 1: Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action

Gun owners in Idaho likely know about these two organizations. They both are the product of Michael Bloomberg and his gun control empire seeking to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

It wasn’t until about 2016 that these groups became more active.

I remember Bloomberg spending money here in Idaho in 2016 trying to stop Constitutional Carry. He was unsuccessful, but that didn’t stop them from getting tons of out-of-state activists to flood our capitol to kill the efforts of gun owners.

Since then, the organizations have met with lawmakers every year and tried to kill several other pro-2nd Amendment bills. 

Specifically, they focus on killing any bill related to firearms and schools. Defeating teachers’ ability to carry in defense of their students is something the groups pride themselves on, and they have found some Republican lawmakers helpful in their cause.

There is never a shortage of money for these national organizations, and Bloomberg has found success in using the ballot initiative process in “Red” states to trick gun owners into supporting gun control. 

If they are going to try a real push for gun control in Idaho, look for it to come through the ballot initiative process or an emotionally appealed piece of legislation. 

Group 2: The Idaho 97%

This group formed late in 2020 and poses a dangerous risk to conservative values in Idaho.

Part of the reason the group poses a significant threat to conservatives is because of their deceptive “bi-partisan” tag lines. They pretend to be “non-partisan” to fight “extremism” in both parties. 

The group’s name is meant to be the opposite of the “3%” groups, and they claim they are just regular Idahoans who want to bring civility back into Idaho politics.

Let’s briefly examine two of their leaders: Emily Walton and Mike Satz.

I don’t know what capacity Emily serves with the 97% anymore, but she was one of the organization’s founders. If she is no longer in any official capacity with the organization, it’s probably because they quickly realized her radical liberalism would be a hindrance to the “common Idahoan” claim the groups want to push.

Walton is the former lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group “Everytown for Gun Safety.” That alone should be everything you need to know about Walton and her desire to present the “Idaho 97%” as some “normal Idahoans” style group.

Here are just a few of Ms. Walton’s tweets, and you tell me if this is the “typical” Idahoan that you know (some tweets contain offensive language):

I’d pull more of her vulgar and disgusting tweets, but Walton has now locked down her Twitter feed, so you can no longer see what she has tweeted. But I know she has for years posted major attacks and very vile attacks on conservatives. 

Walton routinely targets Republican lawmakers, and you’d be hard-pressed to find her attacking Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or any other leftist group when they commit acts of violence or vandalism. 

Mike Satz is also not a “moderate” by any stretch of the imagination. 

Satz also routinely targets conservatives and Republicans in general. Here are a few of Satz’s tweets praising Joe Biden, attacking Congressman Russ Fulcher, attacking Ted Cruz, and praising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (story continues below):

Does that sound like a guy who is going to give any Republican the time of day as a “non-partisan” group? Does this sound like it is going to be a group of “moderates” and that they will do nothing short of just attacking conservatives?

Remember, these are the types of liberals who thought Mitt Romney was a radical when he ran against Obama in 2012. They love Mitt Romney now because they realized they have much more in common with him than they knew. 

Here is how the group has tried to label themselves in the media, and the media is undoubtedly happy to go along with their madness. A tweet from the very liberal Mike Satz:

Shared values? Is that what “The Idaho 97%” is going to fight for, or is it just a front for radical liberals to pose as moderates and dupe unsuspecting Republicans into helping them defeat conservatives?

I’ll cover more about this group in another article and show you how their deception is already working.

Group 3: Reclaim Idaho

This group has been around for several years and was founded by Luke Mayville.

Reclaim successfully pushed Medicaid Expansion into law through the ballot initiative process. Medicaid Expansion was not something anyone thought was possible in a state like Idaho.

Medicaid Expansion is another big government healthcare program Reclaim Idaho had promised Idahoans would save money. Sadly, it’s already double the cost the “experts” had predicted.

The group intends to use the ballot initiative process as their primary tool, as most liberal organizations do in other states, to push their agenda. 

Mayville is much more articulate than many of the other liberal leaders of the other groups and can probably convince many more Republicans to support his efforts.

But the main concern with Mayville’s efforts is the ballot initiative process. Watch Reclaim not attempt to push legislation in the capitol and focus solely on the ballot initiative process. 

The ballot initiative process is extremely dangerous to liberty, and the people who push these initiatives often lie to voters about what the initiative will do.

I heard it myself from at least two of Reclaim’s signature gatherers in pushing their education initiative last year. Their goal is to get it to the ballot where inaccuracies in their description of what the initiative will do won’t matter once the initiative passes.

Ballot initiatives have destroyed Oregon, California, and Washington, and the 2nd Amendment is a favorite target of the process. Mayville doesn’t have any interest in doing gun control initiatives. He would likely leave that to Bloomberg’s groups, who can more easily fund them.

Look for Mayville’s initiatives to target education funding, other government medical program changes, changes to Idaho’s election laws, and perhaps some environmental changes. 

Group 4: United Vision for Idaho

This group is far less known but is part of a national effort to deceive rural voters into thinking the group is some “normal” Idahoan-type group similar to the Idaho 97% groups. However, they do describe themselves as progressive. 

Here is what their Facebook page says:

Idaho’s only progressive multi-issue organization dedicated to uniting Idahoans across the state and placing Idaho at the center of a national movement for systemic change that makes social, economic, and environmental justice a reality for EVERYONE!
Moving from Vision to Action, we advocate a bold agenda, not a list of policies the establishment says we can win, but what the people of Idaho and this country must win! We are building power for a new multi-racial, working class movement to win real improvements in people’s lives and center Idaho in the larger fights that make that truly possible.

Groups like this, funded often by wealthy liberals from out of state, have a radical left agenda.  Social justice, environmental extremism, socialism, and other leftist issues are their primary focus.

If the group grows really large, all of a sudden, you will know that a wealthy liberal has suddenly helped them leap in their growth.

Group 5: Black Lives Matter

After the death of George Floyd last year, Idaho saw some similar protests that we saw across the country. 

Black Lives Matter, in particular, mobilized in Idaho. The organization held several protests last summer, and other demonstrations supporting the organization took place in several Idaho cities.

The Boise chapter of Black Lives Matter is led by Terry Wilson II, who was arrested recently for vandalizing an Abraham Lincoln statue and then resisting arrest when officers tried to take him in.

BLM-Boise has a long-term vision of abolishing police departments, destroying the family as a unit of our society, and other very leftist goals. 

BLM is another leftist organization that can make changes in Idaho but is more open about its goals. This makes it easier for regular Idahoans who don’t fall to the “woke” crowd not to get sucked into the rhetoric.

A lot of the money raised by BLM organizations usually goes to fund Democrat politicians. 

You won’t ever find a BLM group supporting Republicans, and they are even so radical that they are attacking Boise’s radical left mayor, Lauren McLean! 

Group 6: Extinction Rebellion

Again, this is another relatively unknown group. They are part of a national movement of youth who are climate extremists. 

They routinely target banks and other companies they see as an environmental threat.

One fell from a Chase bank recently, and his cohorts immediately told the people around them to call 911. It’s ironic since these are the types of people who hate the police.

However, the group also had several people on the Idaho House floor recently handing out masks.  I guess they were there for the publicity stunt and not out of some desire to help lawmakers wear masks and be safe from COVID-19.

The group also said they shut down a Chase bank in Boise last year.

Extinction Rebellion is another leftist group that is somewhat open about its extremist ideals. These groups are easier to identify and stop if Republicans have the spine to stand up to their wokeness.

One of the ways they recruit new youth is by forming clubs at your local high school. The group tells parents they are simply a group that is trying to “care for the environment.” It’s a clever ploy to radicalize the young ones into leftist causes.

Some other groups are likely to pop up, and others already exist in some capacity. 

I chose the above groups that I believe pose the most significant threat at this time. Groups like the Idaho 97% pose the biggest threat to Idaho because they are liars who pretend to be something they are not. 

Their entire purpose is to get Mitt Romney-type Republicans to join them in their fight against real conservatives.

Once those conservatives are gone, they’ll turn their sites on the moderates in the state and take them out. 

And what they are doing is already working. Some Republicans are already helping these liberal groups attack conservatives.

These so-called Republicans are either deliberately helping these leftist radicals or inadvertently helping them because they have been deceived.

That is the real danger of some of these groups. If they can trick many Republicans into taking out good lawmakers and groups, then Idaho will fall like many other states. 

I’ll cover some of the Republicans who are helping these groups and another so-called “conservative” group operating in Part 3 who pose perhaps the greatest threat to Idaho’s conservative standing.

13 thoughts on “The Gem State Heist Part 2: Liberal Groups Mobilize

  1. Kirk Dauenhauer Reply

    Great journalism! Time to wake up Idaho and follow Our constitution

  2. Joy Keith Reply

    Great article, conservatives need to understand that we are at war even if they don’t realize it! It’s time for everyone to get involved, research every ballot measure and watch what our lawmakers are doing. Do they stand for the people? If not, vote them out, and don’t just roll over in the elections because it’s better than a democrat. I’m not saying vote for a Democrat, I’m saying vote the liars and turncoats out before it gets to the final election!

  3. Doug Nickle Reply

    Is it starting to feel like the “progressive” attack is unrelenting? Well, that’s because it is.

    It’s not that the progressives and liberals and leftists and anarchists are stronger or more well funded or whatever other excuse we grant them. It’s because of plain old conservative apathy. It doesn’t matter that conservatives and libertarians want to be left alone, as we live and let live. The only thing that matters is that the people that want to destroy our life won’t quit until we give them an unequivocal reason to quit.

    That may soon change. But nothing will come of it if more people don’t shake themselves from their slumber, and CHOOSE to engage in the fight. The world is run by those who show up.

    What will you do today, tomorrow, and every day moving forward to preserve Idaho, and thus, the Republic?

    If you haven’t, start now. Just start. And don’t stop. There are no days off now.

  4. M Perez Reply

    We have a hard left group here in Bonners Ferry called the Boundary County Human Rights Task Force. It’s a hard left self appointed group that is dangerous.

  5. Jeff Wright Reply

    It’s too bad Greg doesn’t understand the initiative process enough to know the power it holds for Conservative issues. It is a constitutional process that’s not going away.
    To ignore it is simply giving away the field, instead of using it to do what the legislature refuse to do.

  6. Pamela Ferguson Reply

    Good informative article. I have questioned whether anyone other than true investigative journalists actually “vets” these groups as to their legitimacy. I am awake and will sound the alarm.

  7. Valerie Reply

    What do we do? How do we do it? Who do we talk to? I’m so sick of all this nonsense. Why do they want to live in a world that is so dysfunctional they won’t even have a descent life. They will eat their own eventually. Sick.

  8. Allan Lybrand Reply

    We have a severe problem with the voters. We need to raise the voting age to 27 years old as well as banning welfare recipients and government employees from voting. Remember Colorado was Californiated, Idaho is being Californiated.

  9. Elena Quinn Reply

    Great Stuff! Will keep my eye out for more. One good thing the legislators did this session was to make the ballot initiatives a little more difficult to obtain. It now needs 6% of signatures from ALL districts.

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  11. J Herbert Reply

    Thanks for this great article. I found it while I was researching the “Idaho 97” project. I found them on Twitter and had a few polite back and forth conversations with them. I eventually realized they are not so non-partisan. They blocked me yesterday after I Tweeted:
    ‘I have followed @theidaho97 project for a little while now. I have come to the conclusion that for the most part, it is nothing more than a progressive front group designed to attack conservatives under the guise of being against “extremism.”‘ I was always polite to them and never used vulgar language or insults. Even though their website says they stand for free expression I guess they don’t want to be called out for what they are. I agree with Greg. This is the most dangerous group because of their deception.

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