Idaho Gun Owners Release Two Ads Exposing Gun Control Advocates

If there is one thing Idaho gun owners don’t like, it’s candidates who say they are for the 2nd Amendment but do things contrary to it.

There are a number of candidates this election cycle who are not really for the 2nd Amendment. For two of them, their constituents need to know what is really happening.

Without a doubt, both of them will tell their constituents that they are pro-2nd Amendment and will defend your gun rights.

I know, and many of you know, that once they are safely in office, they’ll do everything they can to not support gun owners.

To help expose two of these candidates, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has released two ads for social media.

The first candidate is well-known State Senator Patti Anne Lodge from District 11. The District covers Middleton, Notus, Parma, Greenleaf, and Wilder.

Unfortunately, Lodge killed the School Carry bill in the State Affairs Committee for which she is the Chairman. It was her vote that sent the bill to the trash bin.

She first claimed that she wanted more required training by teachers.

However, after the session was over, she began telling voters she wanted “local control” over people’s gun rights.

That’s right, she wants bureaucrats to determine whether or not teachers can carry to protect themselves or students. Moms Demand Action worked hard to convince Lodge to vote against the bill.

Now, with the election nearing the end, Lodge is being supported by Moms Demand Action.

Moms Demand Action is the most anti-2nd Amendment group in the country.

And why wouldn’t Bloomberg’s minions support Lodge? After all, she did help kill a bill that they didn’t want to see the light of day.

Sen. Lodge is being challenged primarily by former Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Chairman, Zach Brooks.

Voters in District 11 have an interesting choice to make come June 2nd.

The second ad is about a candidate named Wendy Webb of Meridian which is in District 21.

Webb is the first Republican candidate to ever return the ISAA survey with 100% of the answers WRONG!

That didn’t stop Webb from touting that she is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment on her Facebook page.

You can read my previous article for more details on Wendy Webb here:

Interestingly, Webb is taking on Sen. Regina Bayer who did return the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance survey with 100% pro-2nd Amendment answers.

Here is the ad released by the ISAA.

Sadly, Webb appears to be just one of many Republican candidates this election cycle who are not who they claim to be.

If you haven’t had a chance to review the survey results released by the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance you can see those here:

Unfortunately, you are going to see that a number of candidates refused to go on record with their stances on gun rights. That usually means they have a gun control stance they want to hide.

Thankfully, gun owners in Idaho can see past the deceit and lies from many of these candidates.

Soon, when the election is over on June 2nd, we’ll have a better idea of the direction Idaho will be taking.


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  1. Gary Samson Reply

    Why was this not out six weeks ago. election was yesterday !! Shut the gate after the cows are out !!!

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